Cool Home Business Ideas To Consider

Written by Chloe Harwood

Are you bored in your current job? Maybe want something a bit more flexible to fit around your other commitments, or perhaps you just fancy the idea of working from home? Running your own business could be the answer. It gives you the freedom to do something you’re passionate about, while earning enough to pay the bills (and possibly a lot more!). As you will be working from home, there’s no commute and no additional cost for premises either, so it’s win- win in many respects. Here are some home business ideas to get you started.

Something Creative

Do you love to craft? Perhaps you love designing graphics, logos, and pictures on Photoshop or Illustrator. Maybe you like to draw or paint? You could sell these in digital bundles on sites like Etsy, or take it a little further and turn them into a finished product. Personalized prints and greetings cards sell well, and you give people far more options than they’d find on the highstreet. Maybe you like to sew or knit- you could make homemade clothes for adults, children or babies. Create incredible dress up costumes or even sew home furnishings like cushions and curtains. If you’re a whizz in the kitchen, how about becoming a baker- or even create a meal prepping service? These have become increasingly popular in recent times due to people wanting to eat healthier but being short on time. Don’t forget though, you will need a food hygiene certificate and a license to make food from your own kitchen- once you’re registered environmental health are able to drop by anytime, they want to inspect. You could make jewelry, candles, soaps. You’re able to get small business loans fast so if you need to raise funds for equipment and materials you don’t necessarily have to spend months saving. Think about the skills you have and where your passions lie. If you’re still a bit of an amateur at your craft, consider investing in some classes or training first.

Teaching or Tutoring a Skill

Perhaps you’ve reached a good point in your career where you have lots of knowledge and expertise, but want to take a different route? Why not teach or tutor instead. It could be teaching a musical instrument, giving people diet and nutrition advice via Skype or providing homework help for kids. People can either come to your home, or you could use video chats to communicate with people all over the world and charge per session.


Blogging has become extremely popular in recent years and is now a great way to earn money from home. You get to write about topics you love, take pretty pictures and connect with like minded people online, and companies will pay you to put their links on your site. Of course, it takes a while to build up to this stage. You will need to be producing regular content for the best part of a year until it’s likely you will be contacted. But it’s always something to aim for, and something you can do on the side along with say some freelance writing which will pay the bills until your blog is earning enough.

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