Customer Continuity: The Ongoing Saga

Written by Chloe Harwood

Bridging the gap between business and consumer is one of the more difficult things to build when running a company, but it is one of the more vital processes you need to get right. By ensuring a sense of continuity for the customer throughout the whole purchasing process it will help your customer in unlimited ways, but it also makes your business appear more efficient and will improve customer opinion on how you operate. Continuity is vital, but how can this be achieved?

Keep The Experience The Same

Whether the customer is buying online or offline, it is imperative that you imbue the process with exactly the same feel, beginning to end. When a customer is buying your product, they don’t want to be passed from pillar to post. It is your responsibility to support the customer experience, from when they enter your store all the way through to clicking off your website, the feel needs to be the same. This needs to be done by focusing on the brand image. Marketing is one of the keys to implementing a consistent experience. So you should create seamless branding across every platform rather than treating every aspect as its own entity. Customers want the personal approach, so if you can create this feeling through your branding, it will be very successful.

Make It Work Behind The Scenes…

…Whatever the cost! The customer needs to have such a consistent experience that they should never have the need to complain if there’s a minor issue. In the 24/7 world of online shopping, if a customer is unable to make a purchase due to a technical issue, the chances are that you have lost this customer for life and they will click onto another website. This is why you have to have the most sophisticated methods of protection in place. With all the news about cyber attacks occurring on a regular basis, you need to implement the most proficient cloud data backup and recovery for businesses services you can find. IT support is the bane of most businesses, especially if you are relying on IT companies to resolve an issue that could potentially take days, meaning that you are losing customers by the bucket load! So either by having specialised in-house IT support or outsourcing the best services for your budget, you have to make it work behind the scenes!

The Importance Of Customer Feedback

The rise of retail apps and the many methods of getting customer opinion means that there are more ways than ever to gather customer feedback. So you need to do what you can to implement this seamless service, especially as customers are more likely than ever to complain via social media. Even just one bad comment on social media could set about a chain reaction that will put your business in a bad light it would be impossible to escape. it’s important to have consistency when dealing with negative aspects of the customer experience, as well as the positive ones.

Continuity is the most vital part of how your customer will form an opinion of your business. If you can find simple methods to implement a seamless approach to how your customer experiences your business, from beginning to end, this will not just help your customer, but it will do you a lot of favors too!

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