Cutting Costs Without Cutting Quality In Your Business

Written by Chloe Harwood

There are a lot of costs to running a business. Anyone who has an office will tell you that. It can easily get out of hand and even prove dangerous to the business as a whole. Business cuts are a big deal. However, sometimes you don’t necessarily need to jump to the human element of the company. Nothing’s as bad for the workplace as that. Here are a few other places you might be able to save.


Offices use a lot of paper. And a lot of space. If you’re not being efficient with how you run your printing and filing system, it can build up costs over time. However, there are a few ways to cut those costs. For one, a lot of places are going paperless with their organisation. There are plenty of businesses for whom that isn’t viable, however. Managed print services and similar options can at least reduce the amount of resources used, at least.

Energy costs

Perhaps the biggest cost in any office building is going to be the energy costs for keeping everything up and running. There have been a lot of moves towards green, energy efficient methods of running offices. Not only good for the environment but good for your balance, too.


We did say that we weren’t going to get into letting go of employees. That isn’t what this is about, however. A lot of business owners don’t realise that it’s actually the hiring process itself that can cost them so much when it comes to their employees. The key to saving money on the people under your employ isn’t by getting rid of them. It’s by getting rid of turnover. You do that by making sure they have upward mobility and satisfaction within their own jobs.


Providing that upward mobility just mentioned is often reliant on providing new skills. Giving them new opportunities to train and put another note down on their resumes. Not only is it good for them, it’s good for you since they can fulfil more jobs in the company. However, you can’t always afford to hire someone to train them. In those instances, use the other staff. Cross-training is equally as effective a method of training. It also specialises their skills further to your company and makes them more flexible.


A somewhat trickier element to deal with and one that’s vital to any business. However, a lot of business owners sign up to insurance agreements that soon prove too expensive to them. Too expensive and not as much use as they need. Take a closer look at your insurance and consider what you might not have as much need for as you originally thought.

Hard times can fall on business. Reducing the costs can lighten the load considerably. The people of the business should always be the last thing to go, however. In fact, by keeping them, you can save more money in the long run. Consider making your office a much more efficient place before making it an emptier place.

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