Data Backup Is An Essential Part Of Any Business IT Infrastructure – Here’s Why

Written by Chloe Harwood

Any and all business operations will be made up of tonnes of different pieces of data. From customer information to stock numbers, you have to shield your precious bits of data. 60 percent of companies that lose their data will shut down within six months, so ensure that isn’t you.

So, this in mind, data backup is an essential part of the infrastructure of any business. In terms of IT solutions, it’s right up at the very top, and is vital to secure the future of you and your company. In case you’re on the fence or are not too sure, here are four big reasons why data backup should be your businesses’ number one priority.

You can’t predict computer crashes or equipment failure

Remember in school when you worked on that English essay, and the computer suddenly went off?

You hadn’t saved your most recent draft, and the fact that you lost all that hard work was infuriating. Now, imagine that feeling on a larger scale, and with a lot of money involved. It doesn’t bear thinking about!

And as much as it pains me to admit it, hard drives fail. Hard drives fail all the time. 80 percent of hard drives will last four years, and while that may seem like a nice figure, it’s not. That means 20 percent of them will have an unpredictably short lifespan, and that 80 percent could be near failure.

In short, you should backup your data because you never know when those physical storage solutions will fail.

You won’t have to worry about on-site data storage maintenance

You probably have enough to think about without fussing over the safe storage of a hard drive or server. Luckily, you don’t! Using an off-site IT support service allows you to backup your precious data away from your building or in the cloud. Or both!

Because it won’t be located on-site, it’s impossible to lose all your data in one go. If you store backups on-site and you get hit by a cyber attack, all those backups are gone. But if you had one kept in a safer location, you’d still have your data ready to go.

You can’t always stop data theft

Data theft is a common crime, and businesses are especially prone to it. Because they’re massive operations, there are a lot of places for hackers to fight their way in and access your data. You can’t always prepare for these attacks, and you might not always be successful in stopping them.

Data backup ensures that even if you do fall victim, you can always get back on your feet quickly. Your business must be secure to be successful, and adequate backup measures are your last line of defense!

You may be susceptible to viruses and spyware

Spam, viruses and spyware are a frequent feature of any computer experience. At times, they’re completely unpredictable. Something that looks safe may in fact contain a virus. It’s impossible to guess. So, backing up your information removes the worry of this unpredictability from the equation. Yes, you may be hit with a trojan, but at least your data is safe if compromised!

Does your business employ a data backup method? Is it effective? Sound off in the comments!

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