The Delightful Dozen: 12 Simple Statements That Will Change Your Business Forever

Written by Chloe Harwood

Every business has room for improvement, especially at the SME level. Sadly, overlooking the simplest of ideas is often what stops us from unlocking that full potential. Until now.

Use the 12 simple ideas below to push your venture in the right direction, and the positive results should shine through in no time. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.  

#1. There Is No ‘I’ In Team

As a business owner, it can be tempting to take control of all matters. However, many hands make light work. Likewise, you cannot be an expert in all departments. As such, having the humility to empower your staff could be the most vital ingredient for success.

The first step is to master the recruitment process. Nonetheless, investing in their personal and group development is an equally vital element. Keep the team motivated, and every aspect of productivity will improve greatly.   

Essentially, your job is to direct the venture. Let the employees provide the engine.

#2. Results Matter; Methods Don’t

When first stepping out into the world of commerce, you’ll have ideas about how things should be done. In reality, though, the best approach is usually the one that generates the best financial outcome. Without money, the entire business will crash and burn regardless.

Depending on the nature of the business, it may be best to operate from home. Building an office and outsourcing jobs can cut the costs greatly. If reputations worry you, hiring a virtual business address can solve many of those problems.  

Making changes to run a business that’s closer to your vision can come in time. First and foremost, though, you must concentrate on earning a profit.

#3. It’s OK To Borrow Money…

The prospect of borrowing money can be daunting for any SME, even when the venture has already achieved some success. Then again, it takes time for companies to establish themselves. Likewise, there are times where the company needs a boost with its ideas for expansion. Sadly, a lack of capital could see you miss the boat.

Bank loans and the world of borrowing money has changed, but it’s still possible for businesses to access those funds. You can find out about the various advancements at As long as the repayment terms are suitable for your specific timeframes and goals, it could open many new doors.

As the old saying suggests, you have to speculate to accumulate in business. Having the funds available instantly puts you in a stronger position.   

#4. … But Not Ok To Waste It

Making money is the main aim of any business venture, and that cannot be forgotten for a second. However, profit margins are influenced massively by your expenses. Frankly, failing to pay enough attention to those features is one of the main reasons why so many entrepreneurs struggle.

Customers seek value for money and you should too. This could mean finding cheaper services for electricity, insurance, and order fulfilment. Or it might include incorporating 3D printing and other ideas used for cost-effective production.

Negotiating and shopping for the best deals can help you massively too. With fewer expenses, the profit margins grow. And this enables you to stay more competitive in the marketplace.

#5. You Can’t Please Everyone

All businesses wish to reach the biggest possible audience. Nonetheless, appreciating the limits and restrictions is vital. If you’re producing and selling men’s clothing, for example, there’s no need to worry about what women think. Styles, marketing, and other issues should be focused on your target audience.

Even if your products are fairly universal, there will be certain demographics that don’t matter. Knowing your place in the market will instantly put you in a stronger position. After all, people buy people. If potential clients feel alienated, they’ll inevitably take their custom elsewhere.

Build that community vibe with audiences by creating a brand that sits well with their ideas. The results will be simply spectacular.

#6. Competitors Are Your Benchmark   

Many business guides instruct you to worry solely about your activities. While this should be the main focus, it would be foolish to ignore the role of competitors. After all, they are directly fighting you for the loyalty of potential customers. Beating them is a lot easier when you know them inside out.

Conducting market research into competitors isn’t easy. Thankfully, you can discover the key points at Given that knowledge is power, this info will strengthen your arsenal greatly. It should point you to greater decisions in your own activities. In turn, this should result in better returns.

To be the best, you must beat the rest. Keep them on your radar at all times, and the odds will suddenly be in your favor.

#7. Time Is Money

Utilizing assets efficiently is a priority from day one in business. In truth, though, time is arguably the most valuable resource at your disposal. Overlooking this factor is arguably the most common reason that over four in every five startups fails.

Failing to use your time well slows your growth, enabling other companies to capitalize. Whether it’s learning to boost the time-efficiency of your marketing schemes or daily production doesn’t matter. Every minute saved is another minute where your team can work towards even greater progress.

Even focusing on more efficient team meetings can make a world of difference. Achieve more with your time, and the whole business is sure to work harder.

#8. Customers Talk

As part of the marketing learning curve, you will soon discover that clients can be your greatest asset. This is because the power of recommendation generates far better conversion rates than any standard ad campaign. The fact that customers talk is something you cannot forget for a second.

Even if you don’t utilize them for direct marketing purposes, clients can build or destroy your reputation. Therefore, providing great products isn’t enough. Upgrading your customer care game could work wonders for individual opinions of the business, as well as the views that will be expressed.

Everybody loves having something to moan about. Do not let your business give them an excuse to direct their complaints at you.

#9. Prevention Is The Best Form Of Protection

Damaging the reputation as a result of poor customer care is bad, but can be recovered. Suffering harm due to negligence, however, can spell curtains for any hopes you may hold. Protecting the business may feel like a hassle. Unfortunately, correcting mistakes will be far tougher.

Consumers cannot stand the thought of having their private information compromised. As such, ensuring that the data protection systems are of the highest standard is vital. Protecting stock and physical assets is important too, but your commitment to the clients cannot slide at any moment.

From a business perspective, running suitable credit checks to ensure you don’t lose money due to writing off bad debts is also key.

#10. Clients Will Research You First

In today’s climate, most ventures appreciate the need for a strong web game. Online sales can help the business serve a far larger audience, taking the operation to the next level in a far quicker time. Even if yours doesn’t sell items online, it must accept that clients will use the internet for research.

Whether your business sells to consumers or other companies, a great website is key. Similarly, though, it must avoid downtime. Find the best web hosts at to make the smartest choice for your needs. When coupled with a good design, it will make a winning impact.

Many customers will judge the business on its Google ranking too, which is why SEO is so vital. Even as a local venture, you must use those facilities as the foundations of your success.  

#11. Expansion Isn’t All Down To You

As the company gets bigger, it’s only natural that you’ll want it to grow and gain success in new territories. On a similar note to using the right methods for running the main business location, being open to ideas can boost the growth.   

Playing a background managerial role can pay dividends for your time, money, and emotions. Turning the company into a franchise may not generate the same level of direct profit per location, but it enables you to open them more frequently. Besides, each location benefits the overall presence.

Share the wealth, and it could put your business in far better health. What more incentive could any business owner ask for?

#12. It’s Just Business

Your business is your baby, and subsequently carries a huge sense of importance in your life. For all its importance, though, there are far more valuable things in this world. The sooner you appreciate this, the sooner you’ll start to overcome needless pressure.

Ultimately, the commercial ventures are designed to create the best opportunities for a happy personal life. Maintaining a strong work-life balance is a crucial factor that should not be ignored. Not only will it benefit you, but that passion will shine through to help the company.

There’s a fine line between having perspective and not caring enough. As with anything in business, finding that right balance is everything.

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