Don’t Let These Disasters Destroy Your Accounting Business

Written by Chloe Harwood

Accountancy firms aren’t unlike any other company. They work hard and offer a superior service to their customers to retain their business. Over the years, much has changed in the marketplace, and technology has evolved. It has been all-too-easy to fall behind or miss a trick or two that might give you a competitive edge. But if failing to notice and act upon the changes that are happening starts to damage your company, you know you need to make a move to fix things right now.

PR Nightmare

Many business owners fear social media. It’s not surprising when you read the awful posts that some people seem to enjoy making. A single disgruntled customer has the power to make derogatory comments that can be shared thousands of times across the globe. If you avoid social media, you won’t even know it’s happened. You won’t be able to perform damage control. You’ll simply be left scratching your head as to why clients are leaving you. It’s essential you stay on top of social media. Look at websites like to gain an understanding of how it can be used. Offer the chance to have discussions offline when customers complain. And make sure you’re posting positive articles and comments regularly.

Missed Marketing Opportunities

Just because you are an essential service for most businesses, it doesn’t mean you should sit and wait for them to phone you. A successful marketing strategy is about opening up channels of communication. You should offer advice and information that helps build your credibility and reputation. New customers will be more inclined to come to you if they see you know your stuff and you’re willing to be helpful. Promotions can help when you need to grow your business. Marketing is a full-time job for an entire department. Is now the time to engage an agency before your competitor attracts your clients over to them?

Hacked Off

Hackers aren’t just annoying. They can destroy your entire business. It’s simple, really. They ease their way into your data, steal your customer’s personal information then sell it or hold it to ransom. In the meantime, every computer in your business is no longer functional, and it’s tax season. Game over. IT experts, like the ones at, can provide backup, protection and support to accounting businesses. Enhanced IT systems that boost productivity and automate commons tasks can also be installed. This helps to provide complete security against those online invaders.

Vulnerable On The Outside?

You might think that an office full of accountants isn’t an attractive burglary opportunity for thieves. However, computer equipment is easy to grab. You might hold hard copies of credit card details of your clients. These might also be attractive to thieves. You must ensure your office is locked up tight. Deter opportunists by installing security cameras. PIR lighting systems that turn on when they detect movement are ideal too. Use a good security company that can respond quickly to an alarm. If you handle cash or payment details, make sure a good safe is available in the office.

It’s not easy to come back from any of these types of disaster. The best thing to do is protect yourself. Prevention is better than cure.

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