Don’t Pull Your Punches, Use The Full Power Of Your Visual Brand

Written by Chloe Harwood

Have you spent a lot of time defining a unique brand? Do you have a top-class logo, name, and visual style? If you’ve been investing in a look and feel unique to your business, you need to make sure you’re not wasting it. It’s an asset, just like your team, your office, and anything else your business owns. Fail to make use of it, and it can cost you. So, how do you ensure that you’re using the brand right?

Your team

The team is one of the most important parts of the business, and they can serve as an excellent means of marketing the business, too. Whether they’re in front-facing roles with customers or at trade shows, you can use custom t-shirt printing to make sure that they’re always representing the brand with a visual reminder of who they belong to. Name tags and offering them branded business cards can help them stand out, too. What’s more, a little branding can help make them feel more like they are, indeed, part of a team and a member of something greater than them. It helps establish a sense of place within your company, which can make them more engaged and fight the danger of employee turnover.

Your location

That sense of engagement and belonging is one of the major reasons to build your brand identity into your store, your office, or whatever your business premises may be. Your brand isn’t just a look, but signifiers of a culture that can help employees get into the right mindset. That’s not to forget how powerful it can be for any clients or customers who set foot in the business, as well. By creating truly immersive locations that communicate your brand personality from top to bottom, you are subtly influencing them, often more powerfully than a direct marketing message might be able to. Whether it’s finding décor styles that match your brand appeal or using your logo and brand color schemes directly, don’t neglect the impact your business’s personality can have on your premises.

Your style

The truth is that your brand can be used just about anywhere, so long as you’re willing to adapt it. You might have created it to help with marketing materials, but how does it change and how does it remain consistent through websites, video marketing, and other new formats of marketing? You can figure that out if you create brand guidelines. These are documents you create that nail down the core visuals, colors, typography and other style elements of the brand. It ensures that no matter how you translate the brand, you rely on the same language to create a consistent look that ensures your message always has your personality.

Your marketing materials might be the primary use of the brand, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only one. Think outside of the box and look for opportunities to bring the spotlight to your brand. It can increase awareness and recognition, leading to more conversions down the line.

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