Effective Fat Burning Tactics

Written by Chloe Harwood

“Eat less, exercise more.” That’s the old-fashioned guide to dropping a few pounds. But sometimes old-fashioned isn’t enough to keep the muffin top at bay, even when you’ve cut the muffins.

Stubborn fat buildup or a wonky metabolism are among the factors that might be impeding your best efforts to lose weight with a simple diet and exercise regime.

The good news is, you can overcome these hurtles by adding dietary supplements to your daily routines. Supplements, particularly those with lipolytic agents and thyroid boosts, can get fat to burn even when you’re just relaxing or making dinner.

Add to that a metabolic boost and energy high as you take out the trash, while you’re at the gym, taking the stairs at work, or doing an early morning workout video, and your efforts at losing weight will be maximized before you can say that homemade bran muffins are so boring.

Fat-Burning Special “Agents” of Body and Mind

Supplements often include naturally-occurring fat breakdown agents such as lipolytic agents, which scientific research suggests are effective in reducing obesity and manage diabetes.

Lipolytic agents can be naturally extracted from tree leaves. One popular tree is the leafy golden apple tree, which grows in India, known by its scientific name Aegle marmelos.

Another extract that hails from India which is often included in supplements is bacopa monniera. Recent scientific studies on bacopa monniera that were conducted with human subjects show that intake of bacopa can improve memory.

Meanwhile, huperzine is another popular supplement ingredient that has also been proven to offset memory loss. Trials reported by the Journal of American Medicine Association suggest that the inclusion of hyperzine in your diet gives you extra energy and stymies memory loss.

A sharper mind is great for remembering your next workout, right?

Wonky Metabolism No More

Meanwhile, the thyroid, which is located in your neck, is truly the manager of your metabolism. It’s critical to have a fit and well-adjusted thyroid to get off excess weight. If you’ve struggled with weight loss techniques, you may well have a thyroid that’s out of whack.

As Don Colbert, author of the book The Bible Cure for Thyroid Disorders, writes: “Thyroid disorders hide in the darkness of our ignorance, far from view, which allows them to wreak havoc with our health and peace of mind.”

While supplements won’t help you diagnose a thyroid problem, it is important to keep your thyroid happily balanced in order to ensure it is properly regulating the pace that you break down food.

If a wonky metabolism is wreaking havoc on your weight loss attempts, stilting your efforts to drop a size or three, it may be effective to keep that thyroid happily humming along with supplements of folic acid, vitamin B, and iodine.

It’s also possible that your slow metabolism is sluggish not thanks to your thyroid but due to an l-carnitine deficiency. You know you have a deficiency when your levels of this naturally occurring hydrophilic amino acid derivative are between 10-20% of the baseline level. This condition can have multiple adverse health effects, including sudden death for new mothers with the condition.

Offset l-carnitine deficiencies with dietary supplements that include l-carnitine in order to amp up your weight loss efforts.

It’s All About Taking Charge

Indeed, if you’ve always had a feeling that you needed to boost your weight loss efforts with something besides cutting calories, you’re on to something.

What’s more, taken with a balanced diet, doctor’s supervision, and an active exercise regime, supplements may not only help you with your efforts to burn that belly fat and have a sleeker silhouette, but they can augment your bodily systems, giving you more energy and a sharper mind.

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