Embark On A Successful Career In Manufacturing

Written by Chloe Harwood

The chances are that the thought of pursuing a career in the sphere of manufacturing has never entered your head before now. When considering your options, you’re more likely to focus on engineering, mechanics or construction. However, if you relish the opportunity to have a hands on role that allows you to learn new practical skills while gaining industry recognised qualifications, a career in manufacturing may be for you. After all, manufacturing is booming once again.


Whether you look into the aerospace, car or military realm of manufacturing you will quickly discover that human skills are still needed on the factory floor. While robots and other machinery have enhanced the manufacturing process, the entire factory is not yet run by a team of androids. As a machinist, you will learn the nuances of your instrument to produce precision parts for the machine or vehicle that your company is building. The job satisfaction of knowing that something you made is in the cars that you see on the motorway every day is immense.


One of the most crucial jobs in manufacturing is that of the welder. This is the person who is responsible for the accurate soldering and joining of often delicate metal components. You will be the individual who is responsible for an aspect of the quality control of the plant by organising weld testing for all steel parts that your company uses in its manufacturing processes. By doing this, you are ensuring the integrity of the steels and metals that you are using.

Computer Controlled Machine Operators

For those more interested in computers, you could find yourself in charge of creating the programming that enables robotic arms to fulfil their role in accurately fusing together parts or connecting delicate structures together. You may be working with metals, plastics or carbon fibre parts to create mechanically viable structures that could go into creating a jet engine, a vehicle hydraulics system or a weapon for the military.

Sprayers And Painters

If you are not so mechanically minded but still want a career within the manufacturing world, the end of the production line could be your ideal option. When chassis and covers for machinery and vehicles pass through, it will be your responsibility to carry out the finest paint job. Your role is highly pressurised as the finish that you create is the first thing that any potential buyer or consumer sees.


A supervisor is a position that you could strive for after gaining your experience on the factory floor. By then, you will have an in depth understanding of every aspect of the manufacturing process and will be an astute problem solver should any issues arise. Alongside the production manager you will be in charge of maintaining momentum in the factory and keeping the machinists, sprayers and computer operators motivated.

Manufacturing has had a rough ride in the press in the past with allegations that it is a dying industry. However its newfound place in the list of growing industries contributing to economic growth proves that manufacturing is a career option that you’d be wise to consider.    

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