How To Ensure Premium Warehouse Efficiency

Written by Chloe Harwood

Like with all businesses, efficiency is the difference between success and growth and failure and decline. There are few companies that can last for very long without ensuring that the business is well managed and competent. With that in mind we are sharing our tips on how the most resourceful warehouses operate to ensure premium efficiency and maximum productivity.

Intelligent Layout Design

All the most efficient warehouses invest a lot of time creating the most intelligent, staff friendly layouts. It takes a lot of planning to create the best possible way to store inventory, however when done properly it makes all the difference in the day to day efficiency of warehouse staff.

Think about laying out the most commonly chosen items in the easiest to reach areas. Items that are generally sold together should be stored together. Heavier and harder to move around items should be at the bottom and not at the top of shelves, in hard to reach areas. Try storing items of a similar shape or size together so that your shelves look neat and tidy and make sure that smaller items are at the front and not hidden behind larger boxes.

Analysis & Review

Managing a warehouse effectively is not just about finding a layout and then sticking to it. As warehouses are all about inventory, the trends and popularity of products are constantly fluctuating and that needs to be taken into consideration. Therefore warehouse managers need to be analysing sales figures and reviewing the best layout for your inventory. Of course constantly changing the layout of a warehouse would be confusing and not conducive to efficiency. However you should be reviewing the layout every one or two years to make sure that your layout best represents the current consumer trends and demands of the products you are storing and shipping.  

Efficient Equipment & Machinery

You will need to make sure that you are providing your staff with the best tools and machinery in order for them carry out their jobs to the best of their ability. You will need to be thinking of any old machinery that needs updating and replacing and you will also need to be looking at the smaller items around the warehouse. Items such as accurate and reliable weighing tools can be found at The best packaging items should be constantly revisited with suppliers to ensure that you are getting the best price and that you are being updated about any new superior items that have come onto the market.

Make the Most of the Space

For warehouses that are feeling a little cramped on space you should be thinking about how you can best utilise the space that you have available. Smaller warehouses should be storing upwards, with vertical storage. So if you don’t already have high reaching vertical storage units then this is something you may want to consider in order to achieve the maximum storage capacity for your warehouse space. Find out more about vertical storage units with, for the different options available. You may want to create an overstock area for any items that are not in immediate use, to keep them out of the way and make the warehouse look less cluttered. Thinking about the best use of the space you have available will ensure your warehouse looks organised, de-cluttered which will allow staff to better go about their tasks in an efficient and productive way.

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