Essential Checks To Ensure Your Home Is Safe And Secure

Written by Chloe Harwood

Everyone needs to ensure certain checks are performed on their property at regular intervals. Failure to do that could mean you don’t spot something important. Dealing with issues could save you a lot of time and hassle. With that in mind, I’ve listed everything you need to know on this page. So long as you follow my advice and perform the recommended checks, your home should remain safe. I’m also going to offer some guidance on the best ways to ensure your home is secure. The last thing you want to do is provide an easy means for criminals to steal your valuables.

Boiler checks

Presuming your heating system runs from a boiler, it is vital that you have it checked by a professional. Standard regulations state that job must be done at least once every twelve months. Those of you living in rental properties should contact your landlord if your boiler hasn’t been assessed for a long time. It is possible for pipes to crack. That could result in gas or water leaking out into your property. The former is dangerous because you might not realize you are being exposed to dangerous fumes.

Socket checks

You need to get in the habit of checking all the plug sockets in your home for issues. Some may become loose, and others might break. You should notice that has happened with sockets you use on a daily basis. However, you might not become aware of the situation when dealing with sockets you use infrequently. So, make a point of checking them all at least once each month. If you notice anything unusual, you should get in touch with a professional electrician. They will provide you with test tags. They prove your electrical sockets and appliances are safe. Best of all? The service doesn’t cost a fortune!

Window seals

When criminals try to break into a property, they will often look for vulnerabilities. They know that breaking through doors or smashing windows can make a lot of noises. So, it is critical that you check your window seals regularly. In some instances, it might be possible for the criminal to remove the panel. They can often do that without breaking the glass. That would allow them entry to your property. Getting in without the risk of disturbing your neighbors is a bonus.

Door locks

It is imperative that all the doors in your home have suitable locks. You will need to replace the mechanism on your front door as soon as possible if it doesn’t work properly. Likewise, many criminals might try to gain access via your patio. Patio doors are notoriously bad for security. Often, the burglar only has to shake it slightly to take it off the runners. You would struggle to make a home insurance claim if your property was not secure. So, you should pay a professional to install a new locking system if yours isn’t suitable.


Well, there you have it. So long as you perform all those basic checks on your property, it should remain safe and secure. You should get in touch with relevant tradesmen if you need help. They are the ones best placed to let you know about anything you might have overlooked.

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