Essentials You Need To Know Before Hiring A Contractor

Written by Chloe Harwood

Contractors are a part of life in business. You are never going to complete every job without outside help, plus they are good at their job. These two factors make outside contractors almost mandatory. However, you can’t pick the first one you come across, for obvious reasons. There is an art to hiring a ‘subby’, just like there is an art to hiring an employee. If you need inspiration, let us give you a helping hand.

Their Skill Level

You need to know their ability. The vital element of any contractor is to do the job better than anyone else you could employ. They certainly need to do it better than anyone in the office! Otherwise, it is a waste of money to hire them. Ask past clients for referrals, preferably peers in your industry. It will give you a better an understanding of how they work.

Ask for certification, licences and insurance just to name a few.

Their History

A new face is entering the office, so it is your responsibility to make sure they are conducive to the environment. If they have a history of annoying clients and your business’ ethos, stay away. You might also want to steer clear if they have a history of violence. They might be unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

The Price

Price is vital because you should never hire a contractor that is going to cost you in the future. But, you still want the best persons for the job. It is a dilemma, but something you need to mull over carefully. Create a budget that you don’t want to go over and stick to it religiously. To find the best contractor for your budget, reference the price with their experience, skill and reputation in the industry.

What Else Do They Offer?

The cost is important, but it is not everything. A good contractor will have a variety of skills that you are interested in, which will make the company more effective. So, you might want to ask questions like, what are their methods? How well do they communicate? Is everyone on the same page with the project? Factors such as these are just as important because you will spend a lot of time with your contractor and need everything to run smoothly.

How Professional Are They?

Professionalism is objective to an extent. But, a few things show how legitimate they are. How do they present their business? How do they present themselves individually? How well do they listen? Do they have business cards? Are they aesthetically pleasing? What about a website? Does it stand out?

A professional contractor will cover every base as they are incredibly organised. That should show in any meetings or contact.

Do They Object To A Contract?

Gone are they days where cash in hand is acceptable. You are a business that should act according to the rules, as should the contractor you hire. If they object to a contract, it screams dodgy so give them a wide berth.

Treat hiring a contractor with the respect that it deserves. If you don’t, it could be a big mistake.

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