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Written by Chloe Harwood

Thousands of tourists choose Mykonos to spend their summer vacations. Most of them are attracted by the island’s wild nightlife and its lavish way of living. Others prefer to explore its natural beauties which are not right in front of a visitor’s eyes.

Mykonos has a lot of charm – and it isn’t always in its crazy parties.

  • Book your stay in virgin area – Lia, Saint Sostis , Elia, Kalafatis, Choulakia

Dive into the quiet side of Mykonos by choosing a virgin area for your accommodation. Bond with nature and enjoy the serenity, while wild landscapes unfold in front of your eyes.

Staying in a remote location doesn’t mean you have to give up any of the amenities or luxury Mykonos has to offer. On the contrary, you can enjoy these at maximum by booking one of the gorgeous Villas in Mykonos by MLV that are available for rent in every part of the island. You will find quiet, beautiful Mykonos Villas near the following relaxing beaches:

Lia is the most distant organized beach from Mykonos Town, with a snorkeling center and thick sand. Saint Sostis is a quiet beach next to Panormos at the northern seaside of the island, with the famous but primitive Kiki’s Tavern and a special area for nudists. Elia is the most serene organized beach that celebrities choose when they want to avoid crowds. Kalafatis has enough facilities and easy access and is perfect for families with kids. Choulakia has no facilities and the beach is covered by unique colorful pebbles.

  • Enjoy a colorful sunset

The sunset in Mykonos is magical. The strong Cycladic sun sends its golden colors to buildings, trees, humans and the sea, creating fairy-tale sceneries. You can watch the sunset from almost every part on the west or south seafront of the island.

One of the most touristic locations to enjoy the sunset is Little Venice, the unique seaside neighborhood of Mykonos Town. There are many cafes and restaurants here and guests can enjoy a meal, a coffee or a cocktail just before the noisy Mykonian nightlife begins.

Another hot spot with great sunset views is the 180 Sunset Bar, located on a hill right at the end of Mykonos Town. It gets crowded in the evening so it would be better if you get there early to find a good table.

But maybe the best place to fully enjoy the sunset is your Mykonos Villa. Have a cocktail with your beloved one or your friends and relax on a soft sunbed next to your private swimming pool or your bedroom balcony.

  • Visit Delos – A whole open ancient civilization next to Mykonos

Delos, according to Greek Mythology, was the birth place of gods Apollo and Artemis. The small island thrived during the ancient times and was a sacred area. Today a lot of its buried treasures have been revealed and the visitors can see the remains of great temples, houses and recreation areas of the ancient civilization.

Ferries can take you there in a few minutes as the distance between Mykonos and Delos is really small. Apart from the archeological site, you can visit the island’s serene sandy beaches and the Archeological Museum where many statues, everyday items and tools from the excavations are kept.

Delos has no accommodation facilities and staying overnight on the island is forbidden.

  • Hidden Virgin Beaches: Saint Sostis, Kapari, Focos

Among the many beaches of Mykonos you will find some small hidden gems. These virgin beaches are not easily accessible and can offer a relaxing, natural environment for diving or sunbathing. Make sure you take everything you need with you as there are no or very limited facilities around. They are ideal for couples, romantic souls or tourists who want to see the wild face of Mykonos.

Saint Sostis is perfect for nudists as half of the beach is devoted to nudism. The only facility in the area is Kiki’s Tavern which attracts many visitors although it has no electricity or telephone. Kapari is also nudist friendly, has no facilities but its orientation to the west offers amazing sunset views. Focos beach at Mirsini Bay in the north of the island is usually windy but has a wonderful, natural environment and only one traditional restaurant.

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