Fishing For Potential Customers In The Live Stream

Written by Chloe Harwood

Finding new ways to promote your company, even in an era of growing and evolving technological trends, can seem quite hard in today’s business landscape. Of course, it’s no secret to most businesses by now that the internet is the most current and lucrative route to success.

Social media can entirely transform a business, and particular note should be given to Facebook in this regard. With the right marketing campaign, this social network can reach thousands upon thousands of people, as it’s one of the most popular websites on the planet in terms of its user-base. It’s important to advertise your product through any means possible, of course, but there are only so many times you can push the same sort of text-based adverts to the same sort of potential clients.

That’s why it might be time to shake things up a little. It might be time to try out live streaming services, which are being offered by a growing number of social media websites and video-specific services. This feature is in its infancy, but that only means its popularity is growing. What you may not have realised is that live video streaming can serve a brilliant purpose to businesses too. I’ll explain how.

Offering an extra dimension to your company and services.

Text-based adverts are limited in their capabilities, as useful as they may often be. Video streaming, on the other hand, can offer customers an intriguing look into an aspect of your business that they didn’t know existed; or, perhaps, simply offer them a preview of a product they haven’t yet seen.

Normal advertising can often come across as one-dimensional, which seems unfair, as there’s only so much businesses can do to stand out and reel in customers. That’s why, I think, live streaming is making such waves in all manner of industries. Companies get to show a more human side to themselves; they get to pull back all the fake editing, showmanship, and other marketing gimmicks. Instead, consumers are presented with very real people talking to them live about very real things. It keeps things simple, and it lets people know that there are real faces behind the marketing campaign and branding which shrouds your business in secrecy.

Sharing information.

Of course, the concept of streaming and sharing information instantly is not a new concept at all. It’s been a popular aspect of the internet for decades; arguably, the instantaneous nature of information transmission over the internet is what draws in so many people in the first place. That’s why your business, whatever it is, could be benefitting from really utilizing the live element for its own ends. You’ll be reaching more of your target audience.

I use the term “business” to refer to more than just big corporations. If you’re a musician or any other kind of artist, live streaming could really propel your fanbase to the next level. Not only will your existing fans love to see you perform live from the comfort of their homes, or enjoy seeing a behind-the-scenes look at you as a human being, but they’ll share the video with their friends. People can watch you wherever they are in the world, which will really expand your business to the next level. Companies such as Iris live streaming can help you achieve this, if technology isn’t something you much care for, other than by virtue of its simply being a means to an end.

Still, it’s important to note that live streaming could help you, as a solo business or a big business, to reach more people.

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