Five Financial Moves That Will Improve Your Personal Cash Flow For Life!

Written by Chloe Harwood

One of the greatest personal responsibilities you’ll take on in your life is managing your finances. In fact, money is the primary stressor in most adult’s lives. Having to deal with piling expenses and not getting enough income can stress anyone out. That’s why you should always be doing whatever you can to improve your personal cash flow.

Improving your cash flow boils down to reducing the money going out while you increase what’s coming in. But while it’s easy to say, it’s much harder to handle in reality. There are many costs that everyone has to deal with year after year. While getting a job that removes all your financial woes would be great, it usually takes a lot of years to get the big bucks.

Especially when you first set out into the world as an adult, you need to manage your money carefully. You may not have considered how many things can affect your weekly income before. There are a lot of steps to being completely financially stable. But while there’s no quick fix for everything, there are many simple life hacks to improve your personal cash flow. Here are some of the things you should do for a better financial future.

Cut Out Expenses

It seems simple to say, but sometimes all you need to do is cut out your personal expenses to improve your cash flow. Many people don’t consider how much money they’re spending each week that they don’t need to. It’s worth keeping track of everything you spend. You might want to use a budgeting app for this. But if you use your credit card for most purchases, looking at your bank statement can help.

Identify any of the costs you don’t need to make and cut them out. Some of the big ones that catch people off guard are lunch, coffee, and impulse buys. If you’re spending on these kinds of things every day, it can add up to a lot over time. Think of it this way- if you spend ten dollars on lunch each workday, that’s 50 dollars a week. If you make cheap meals at home instead, you could potentially save over $2500 every year!

If you’re in a poor financial situation, you may have to cut out some hobbies. Perhaps instead of paying for the gym each month, working out home would be better. If you go out every weekend, maybe you need to have more nights in to save money.

It doesn’t hurt to treat yourself from time to time. After all, sometimes money is for the simple pleasures in life. But don’t get into the habit of making unneeded buys regularly.

Reduce Costs

While there are many regular expenses you can cut out, there are some you need to pay. Everyone has bills they need to keep up with. Of course, there’s also necessities such as weekly grocery shopping and food for your children and pets. While you can’t eliminate these costs, you can reduce them to improve your cash flow.

Start with your biggest expenses. In most cases, it will be where you’re living. If most of your income is going towards your expensive apartment, you should consider downsizing. Many single people live with roommates to share the costs of living. If your mortgage is crippling you, then maybe you need to sell and rent a home for the short-term.

Insurance bills can often reduce your cash flow by a significant chunk. Many people don’t realize you can reduce a lot of insurance costs. You can often negotiate with your insurance providers for cheaper rates. Improving your credit rating can also make a difference. Remember that insurers are always competing, so it’s worth using a comparison site to find the cheapest deal.

Besides insurance, there are many other bills you should look into reducing. For instance, many people pay a lot of money for expensive smartphone contracts. You might want to buy a smartphone SIM-free instead, then look into getting a cheaper SIM deal.

Also, consider how you can cut down on your weekly shopping bill. Look at expensive items you’re buying and see if there’s a cheaper option. You might want to look into online grocery shopping. It gives you a chance to review how much you’ll pay before you make your purchase. Also, there are many sites in which you can buy food in bulk. Buying in bulk works out much cheaper for items that last a long time. Altering your weekly shopping list gives you a chance to improve your diet as well as your cash flow!

Start Investing

Investing can make a big difference to your cash flow. One huge benefit of investing is that it keeps your money tied up. Although some people might be anxious about this, it means that you’ll be less inclined to spend more and lose money. The primary benefit is that the money you invest will grow over time, providing you make smart investments.

An investment is anything you put money into that can yield a profit. One investment that most people make is property. Buying a home is considered an investment. Over a long time, you’ll improve it and when you decide to move out, you may be able to sell for a higher price.

You might want to make money on the property market. Some people also invest in property for the purpose of renting it out. If you make a comfortable living space and rent it out to tenants, you can make your money back. Over time, it will even become profitable. Some people invest in various properties to generate cash flow from them. You could also rent out your own home while traveling or rent out rooms in your house. Using sites like can help you with this.

You might want to start investing in stocks. You can often make great returns by putting your money into shares. If a business becomes profitable over time, your assets will be worth more, and you can sell for a profit. You can also make short-term investments with things like penny stocks. Before you invest in stocks, you should always do plenty of research. For example, you could read for info on investing in oil service stocks. Many online resources can help you with investments.

You could also become a business investor. Investing in business involves giving some of your cash to a company to help them get off the ground and improve. Your money is often exchanged for a percentage of the business. If it becomes profitable, you can get your money back with interest. In some cases, you can even get a percentage of all their profits, or someone might buy out your share. It’s an investment that takes a lot of risk and research- many businesses fail. But if you pick the right one, you could make a lot of money.

Work More, Make More

As well as reducing your expenditure and investing your money to make it grow, you should also focus on raising your income. It’s one of the quickest ways to improve your cash flow. It also gives you more money to spend, reducing the stress of having to make financial sacrifices.

You may want to look into getting a second job. There are many evening and weekend jobs you can do in addition to a full-time job. Especially during Winter, many companies are eager to hire temporary staff. You may be able to get an extra job to make some extra income. If you’re looking for temp jobs, you might want to visit and other popular job sites.

Getting a second job can help you gain more career experience and references. But it’s not practical for everyone. One alternative is to work hard at your current job and ask for a promotion. Demonstrating your work-ethic can lead to greater employment opportunities. You may also want to look online at jobs you may be qualified for that pay more. Sometimes you need to make a move to increase your income.

Make Extra Cash In Your Spare Time

Getting another job isn’t the only way to get some extra cash flow. There are many methods to make money in your spare time. You may be able to take a skill or talent and use it to profit. Other methods only take basic skills but can yield good rewards.

If you have a technical skill such as video editing, graphic designing or software developing, you might want to freelance. You could offer services through a personal website or use sites like to get paid for your talents.

You might want to spend your evenings and weekends selling things. You might not realize how valuable some of the things around your home are. You can use sites like eBay and Craigslist to make money for old DVDs, electronics, collectibles, and pretty much anything else. You could also hold yard sales or go to flea markets.

There are plenty of other methods for making money in your free time. Many can be done from home, requiring nothing more than a computer or smartphone. It’s a fantastic way to raise your cash flow by getting some extra income. You might want to read for some ideas.

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