Five Old Business Communication Methods Making a Return Today

Written by Chloe Harwood

If you are running an online business, you might be worried about your marketing messages getting lost among other companies’ communication. You might be on the lookout for new and innovative methods to reach your potential or current customers, send out promotions, and engage with them on a personal level. While email and social media advertising still works, it is pretty much a numbers game. If you would like to stay ahead of the competition, you might be looking for unique solutions. Some of the old communication methods are having a comeback and are delivering better results than overcrowded new channels. Find out more about them below.

1. Faxing

You might think that companies in the 21st century would be foolish to use a fax machine, and email has taken over the popularity of this communication channel. You will be surprised that your online faxes have a much greater chance of getting read than your emails. This is the reason why many companies now invest in online faxing methods and software. Whether you are trying to send out an announcement or create awareness of your brand, this method is open and easy to implement.  

2. Text Messages

If you think about how often people check their email and how many times they receive irrelevant communication from companies, compared with text messages, the picture is clear. We check our SMS almost every hour, as this is the way we keep in touch with people we think are important in our lives. If you can get people’s cell number and send them short texts, updates, and promotions, you have a much better chance of getting your message across than by emailing them.

3. Instant Messenger

If you think that Skype and IM services are no longer used in the Western world, you are wrong. While Google Hangouts is more popular in this region, there are still people who often check their messenger services and read their communication. If you can send your order updates and promotions using these channels, you can improve your communication and get better marketing results.

4. Networking

If you think that personal communication doesn’t have a place in business in the 21st century, you should think again. Networking can bring loads of benefits and make you connect with your audience and find out more about the trends in your industry. If you master networking groups, you can build some valuable connections.

5. Postcards

While you might think that nobody sends traditional postcards any more, they can be an effective way of advertising and getting in touch with your potential clients. They are more likely to be checked and reach the person they are addressed to than traditional mail or even email. If you can create attention-grabbing designs, you can make postcard marketing work for you.

When the latest technology stops working or doesn’t deliver the expected results, it might be time to think outside of the box, and reach back to some of the older ways of communication that can be more effective to get your brand voice heard.

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