Food Trends Set To Ignite Diner’s Taste Buds In 2017

Written by Chloe Harwood

Restaurants are always on the lookout for new trends and fads that they can get behind to tempt customers through their doors. Remember just a couple of years ago when street food went big and restaurants started investing in street food trucks? Not sure what you should be serving your customers this year? Here are some food trends that we’re pretty sure are going to take 2017 by storm.

Sea Vegetables

One of the biggest trends from the past few years that doesn’t seem to be losing any steam is vegan cooking. Because of this, many diners no longer see the veggies on their plate as just a side order. There are now many restaurants pushing them into the center of dishes and putting the spotlight on them. One type of vegetable is going to be all the rage this year, though. Sea vegetables! Healthy seaweeds and samphire are going to be included on lots of menus this year, that’s for sure!

Non Alcoholic Drinks

Currently, lots of people are doing dry January, which sees them give up alcohol for one whole month. But some research shows that many people intend to take this longer, with lots of people even attempting to go a whole year without drinking. Studies show that we are now drinking less than ever, but we are becoming more serious about what we do drink. Because of this, many restaurants are looking to improve their selection of non-alcoholic drinks. Not only that, though, but they are starting to stock their bars with non-alcoholic spirits.

Kitchen Smart Tech

Smart tech has slowly been taking over people’s homes for the past year or so and is set to take over professional kitchens this year as well. Lots of commercial kitchen equipment will use modern tech to help improve the cooking experience for chefs. Soon, the kitchens in restaurants may start to look like a set from a sci-fi movie!


Have you ever wondered what grasshoppers or mealworms taste like? Well, you might not have to wonder for much longer as these little critters will soon be everywhere in the food world. We all know that it is important to lower protein intake from sources such as red meat, and insects provide us with the perfect alternative. But don’t worry if the sight of a dead grasshopper on your plate would put you off your dinner. There are now alternative ways to eat them. For example, they can now be pulverised into a flour with which you can make cakes and pancakes!

No-Waste Recipes

One way people are trying to improve the environment is by cutting down on personal waste. And the first way you can try and cut down on your waste is with no-waste recipes. This is the year when restaurants will start to use leftovers seriously and only buy in season to help minimize waste!

Why not follow one of these trends in your restaurant this year. You’ll be surprised at how much it helps you increase sales!

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