Four Vital Steps To Getting More People Following Your Blog

Written by Chloe Harwood

Your blog needs readers. Whether it’s something you do as part of your job, your business or just an interest. After all, the purpose of blogs is to communicate. What’s the point of having one if no-one’s reading it? It’s not necessarily your content that’s scaring people away, either. Read on to see what you might be able to do to bring more people to you blog.


Blogs need marketing just as much as any business. After all, they tend to be fairly wordy things. People need a snapshot of what they can expect from the blog. SEO marketing is a great way to do just that. You can use keywords relevant to the kind of content you share and produce. That way you get paired with people who actually want to see your stuff. Getting on social media is a good idea because it gives you another way to disseminate your content as well as fulfilling the next tip.

Get involved with the community

Blogs are all about community. That’s how you tell how successful a blog is. You look at its comments, you look at who’s following and who’s talking about it. Being a successful blogger isn’t just getting people to come to you. It’s being part of that community. Using social media is one way to do just that. Leaving comments on other’s’ blogs is another. Find out about the people following you and who else they follow. Do your research and build your links well. People like a blogger who’s engaged, so try to never leave your followers hanging if they comment on you.

Make it pop

Blogs are about the content they produce. But the site that content is hosted on needs to have the visual factor in its favor as well. The stuff you’re putting out might be great, but if it has no visual brand, it won’t attract as many people. But try not to go too far with outlandish formatting. Pink cursive text on a white background might look pretty from a distance. If people can’t read what you’re writing, however, they’re not going to be sticking around for very long. Make sure your pretty is mixed with functional.

Use beautiful images

A picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to attracting the attention of an internet browser, it might be worth a few thousand more. The internet is as much a visual medium as anything and most blogs accommodate the use of pictures. Choose ones that you genuinely find beautiful yourself. It gives people another reason to visit you. There are a lot of free stock photos you can include on your blog, requiring only a source, usually. Build up a nice portfolio of images to use. Even if you have any content ready, sometimes they can make for the perfect filler content.

Success in the blogging world is as much about marketing as it is your content. You need to improve the visibility of your blog. Whether through using marketing or being a part of the community or just looking great.

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