Funding Your Small Business

Written by Chloe Harwood

If you are thinking of taking that leap into the entrepreneurial world this year, you might be excited at the prospect of breaking the wheel and getting out of that corporate world for good. However, starting a business is not always a cheap affair, and you will likely need certain materials or software in order to get you started on the path to profit. But how do people fund their business?

Business Angel

If you don’t know what a business angel is, they are essentially an investor who takes interest in your business and will offer to lend you some money in exchange for a stake in the business. If you have seen Dragon’s Den, then you will have already seen business angels at work. The key is to sell your business and prove that it will be a success.

Credit Card

If you get yourself one of the best business credit cards, you can make those first few months of business a ton less stressful for yourself. If you know that there are certain things you need but you cannot quite afford to buy them yet, using a credit card will help cover the costs and let you pay back the costs in installments. Just make sure you can afford to make those monthly payments.


Getting a loan for your business is the way that many small entrepreneurs go. You will often be able to go to your bank and pitch your business idea to them, asking them if they are willing to lend you the money to get your feet off the ground. If you do manage to get approval by the bank, you will be able to get your business up and running and pay them back when you are able.


The easiest way to fund your business is through your own savings. Rather than having to ask others for help, you can use your own money and have none of the guilt hanging over you. Try to start saving a small amount each month into a high interest savings account, the money will rack up eventually and allow you to take that first leap into owning a business.

Business Grant

You will have to look pretty carefully to find a business grant to get your off the ground, but if you can find such a grant, grab onto it with all your might. Business grants are a more tricky way to get funding for business because they are hard to find and will involve a rigorous application process. However, if you believe in your business or product, then you can go for it.

Family and Friends

The last option you can take is lending money from your family or your friends. Many people hate lending from people they know because it can put a strain on relationships, but to be honest they are likely to be much more forgiving if you pay them back a little bit late. They will also be there to support you during your business journey.

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