Galaxy S6 Edge: The Preview

Written by Chloe Harwood

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will be released soon, and from the look of it, Samsung has done a remarkable job with this phone. The Galaxy Edge has always been unique, because of the curved edges on both sides of the phone. This time around, Samsung found a way to make the phone thinner and lighter, and at first glance, you would think it was an iPhone.

Samsung as done away with the plastic back that previous Galaxy models have, and the Galaxy S6 Edge now has an aluminum back, which gives a very polished look. The only negative with the new back design, is the fact that it meant the elimination of the removable battery, which generally means a shorter battery lifespan, which will upset a few Galaxy fans, because they won’t be able to switch out a dead battery for a new one, which they were able to do with the older Galaxy phones. This also means that you won’t be able to use micro SD cards to add more memory to the phone, which was something people could do with the older versions.

The Galaxy S6 Edge has a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED screen with QHD resolution, which provide some very impressive images. With the curved edges on the phone, you don’t have to swipe across the middle of the screen to get access to the main display, because they can be found on the edge. This isn’t a major feature, but it’s still pretty cool.

The Camera on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is also improved, it has a 16 megapixel camera that has f1.9 aperture lens, which allow you to take great quality pictures even in the dark. The front facing camera has also been improved, and has some better no light picture taking abilities. The camera protrudes slightly in the back of the phone, but it isn’t very noticeable. The TouchWiz interface has been updated on the Galaxy S6 Edge, which means that there will be fewer menus and annoying dialogue boxes to deal with.

While we won’t be able to do a real review until the phone is finally released, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge looks very promising, and has taken the smartphone game to another level. From some of the specs and features that we know about the phone, it is going to be one of the best smartphones to buy, but it isn’t expected to sell as well as the Samsung Galaxy S6, because it is going to sell for a much higher price than the S6.

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