Get The Best Applicants For Your Business Vacancies

Written by Chloe Harwood

You want the best people for the job in business; it just makes commercial sense! Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that play into whether you can attract and recruit them or not. In fact, if you aren’t offering what such high caliber employees want, it’s unlikely they will even bother applying, let alone go through the whole recruitment process. Luckily, you can use the tactics below that will not only attract the best new applicants but will also help you retain the valued employees you already have.

Be a healthy environment  

One way in which you can attract more high caliber candidates to apply for positions in your firm is to offer a healthy work environment. To do this, it is important to ensure you allow flexible working wherever possible. The reason for this is because it will enable employees to get a better work-life balance and so be involved in their family’s lives, as well as do things outside of the office. Something that is often good for body and mind and is attractive to people whose life is dominated by their career.

Also, you can also use office equipment like this standing desk riser, bounce balls instead of chairs, and even treadmills to help people stay in physical condition even though they are working at a desk. This can be a massive draw for potential employees because of the sharp focus on the way health can be affected by an office job in popular culture. Also, the advantages to productivity and concentration that are linked to being able to physically move during work time are something that will benefit your company.  

Office fitness doesn’t have to be like Dwight’s above!


Many people think it is gauche to talk about money, but when it comes to attracting potential candidates, it is essential. In fact, if you don’t have a salary expectation written on your job advert, you can pretty much expect that it will be impossible to attract the highest caliber candidates.

A competitive salary is because no matter how much we love our jobs we all need money, and we expect to be compensated for our experience, qualification, and expertise. Also, we all have financial responsibilities and not knowing whether a potential role will cover these makes it much more difficult to consider as an option.

In addition, don’t forget that to get the best people possible your salary range needed to be competitive. It’s no good offering less than similar competitors in your field because guess where the best candidates will gravitate towards! With this in mind, do a little checking first before you set your salary range in stone.

Offer as many benefits as possible

Next, remember that savvy candidate will always look at both the salary and the benefits package that your company is offering before they make their application. What this means is that it is essential to bolster your attractiveness by including as many additional benefits as possible.

Such benefits should include pay and vacation increases for length of service, as well as discounted gym memberships and even access to company run exercise and meditation classes. These activities can improve not only the standard of work and communication in the office but also have a profound effect on your employees quality of life as a whole, making them a huge draw for potential candidates.

Medical benefits are a big draw to many candidates.

Also, remember that medical and dental benefits are a huge draw for many potential employees. Therefore to recruit the best, having great medical, mental health, and dental coverage that includes smaller and more routine issues in the cover is a worthwhile area of investment, as it will help to ensure you can attract the best in their field.

Provide a community feel

One thing that can really help sway the better candidates towards your company over your competitors is if you can provide a community feel. This is something you can do in two ways.

The first is to lay on regular get-togethers, picnics, and parties for your employees and their families. This is valuable because not only does it give you a chance to show them that they are valued, but it also provides an opportunity for coworkers to mix and get to know each other outside of the work environment, something that is vital in establishing an authentic community feel.

The second way to improve the feel of your business is the way in which it is run. While there are a few people out there that thrive on conflict, most folks want to be able to come into work and get on with their jobs without worrying about what everyone else is doing, or that they will come up against problems from those managing their team or in their department.

To this end consider the way that you build teams in your business, as well as the general atmosphere. Ask yourself whether it is about the quality of the work, or are decisions made based on popularity and favor? If it’s the latter, you may wish to reconsider your MO, as this can create a toxic work environment and seriously discourage the best candidates desire to work for you.

Give people autonomy

To truly recruit and retain the highest standard of Candidate for your company it is wise to offer as much autonomy in each role as possible. The reason for this is that many people dislike being restrained by red tape, and equally do not find it fun to have their manager breathing down their neck.

Therefore by giving autonomy to your employees along with the associated responsibility that goes with it, they are likely to feel happier and less restricted. Something that is both desirable in a job role, and will have a positive effect on the quality of work that they produce. Therefore Making it a win-win situation for your company.  

Professional reputation

Lastly, it’s is vital to remember that the best people will naturally want to work for the best company, the leader in their field and the one that is at the cutting edge.

With this in mind, remember to pay attention to publishing papers in journals in your field, as well as keeping ahead of the technological curve. The latter is especially important as if you can do this as well as some of the other suggestions above it is quite likely that you will be able to attract and retain the highest quality candidates for your company.

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