Get The Best Music Experience Right There On Your Smartphone

Written by Chloe Harwood

I know I’m not the one, but there’s one thing that my smartphone is extremely valuable to me for. It’s how I listen to music. I can’t walk anywhere or sit on a bus without a pair of headphones on. It might make me a little less aware of that person I’m about to bump into, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re a real audiophile, then here’s how you get the best mobile listening experience you can get.

Have the highest quality possible

Unfortunately, some smartphones tend to be a bit limiting when it comes to the quality of your music. It has nothing to do with the files themselves, but the way your phone processes audio. But you can break that quality dampening barrier with a little software. For Androids, Noozxoide EZIO-rewire allows you to reproduce the kind of quality your music is supposed to be in.

Find some nuance

Sound quality isn’t the only thing that dictates how good your music listening experience is. Finding the right mix of frequencies for a playlist is essential. Otherwise, one sound will drown out the other and you won’t get that soulful impact that all the subtleties of your favorite songs can really give you. For those who need that perfect mix, then you need to look into equalizer software for your music, too.

Choose the right listening gear

If you have a pair of cheap, poor quality headphones, it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into mixing and reproducing the top quality of the sound you need. Besides choosing headphones for quality, you also need to think of utility. Cordless are always much less of a hassle in my experience, but sites like Dextro Audio can help you get even more specific with your tastes. From genre preferences to lifestyle elements, like finding those that will fit while you work out, your choices are covered.

Stay connected

Your library is just as important as how you listen to it. Nowadays, the single best options for having all your favorite tracks and playlists with you is using digital streaming services like Tidal or Spotify. That way, you can use your computer to spend time creating the best playlist for those journeys. If you have connectivity problems with your smartphone, then consider diversifying your connections by getting a hotspot device that connects you to a different network. There’s nothing like having a spotty connection interrupt a song.

Find that one song

When you’re out and about, you’re likely to encounter some music you’ve never heard before. At a party, on the TV, from any radio anywhere. Losing that song can be one of the most heartbreaking ‘ships in the night’ experiences for a music lover. So, make sure it doesn’t happen to you anymore. There are a variety of song-identifying apps that can help you continue to build that library and find your next musical loves.

Quality and quantity. When it comes to music, there’s no reason it can’t be both. Thankfully, the right hardware and software will keep you well supplied in both the next time you jack in those headphones.

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