Get More Creative In Business With These Imaginative Solutions

Written by Chloe Harwood

Creative businesses often struggle to reach their true potential. There always seems to be obstacles that diminish creativity. Some of the most important aspects of creativity simply never come to light. If you need to give your creative team a boost and develop fresh ideas for clients, try some of these imaginative solutions:

Office Layout

Your office layout might be stifling the creativity within your team. Open plan might be great for collaboration, but when everyone works on different things, it can become a noisy space. What you need are focused hubs where every aspect of a single project can be placed around you. This gives your creatives the chance to immerse themselves in the work. It can facilitate collaboration without encroaching on other projects or workers.

Technological Assistance

Many artists find holding their tools to be an important part of the process. This physical connection with their work is essential. Technology exists to replicate that work instantly around the globe. It also means you can hire or engage the most talented people no matter where they live. Technology connects people and ideas. Companies like eBECS work to provide you and train you to use these devices.

Working at a collaboration station like the Microsoft Surface Hub gives everyone a chance to edit, communicate and create simultaneously all over the world. We all work and think better standing up, but traditional wipe boards simply don’t record what we’re doing. Even smart boards lack the most basic work functions we need to be truly creative and productive. It’s worth investing in the latest technologies that allow your creative team to work the way they need to.

Physically Engaged

Developing artwork and creative projects are much easier when you’re handling the products you’re working on! Of course, services can be experienced, and people can be engaged with each other. Try to bring the projects your team works on to life in the real world as much as possible. Even concept artists have to base their ideas on experiences and similar objects. Engagement like this means exploration. Let the mind wander further to boost the ideas that come back.


Every artist or creative person has a hero. This is a person they admire and aspire to be as accomplished as them. Don’t be afraid to reach out to these people. If they’re touring or exhibiting, go to them. It opens up the conversation as well. Talking to each other gives you all a chance to bounce ideas. Best of all, it gives you a chance to get to know each other better, facilitating better working relationships.


There are times when you can hit a block in your thoughts. Ideas suddenly dry up, and that’s when stress kicks in for the creative soul. Offer the freedom to do other things, that are unrelated to work. Often the mind just needs a rest before the next inspirational hit comes along. It’s not slacking off or laziness, but a part of the process of creative thinking. Can you give your business a creative boost?

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