Get the Student in Your Life Skins for All of Their Gadgets

Written by Chloe Harwood

For many parents, December is a challenging month. On one hand, you get to welcome home the children they sent off to university for the very first time. If the campus is miles away, the family reunion is one of the highlights of the season. Unfortunately, the holidays end, and they’ll have to go back to school. There isn’t much you can do to get them to stay, but you can do your best to make sure they’re properly prepared for their upcoming studies. It’s why you’re sending them off with a brand new MacBook Pro Retina and enough money to cover groceries for another few months — or at least, you hope it’s groceries! But as you start making a list of supplies, don’t forget to add one important item – a vinyl skin for their gadgets.

A MacBook Pro Retina skin is a silent MVP for students. Next to the laptop itself, it’s one of the most important resources they can have with them in their freshman year. That’s because the vinyl used in these skins can protect whatever delicate device it covers. It stands tough against the life of a student, when the average week will take them from class to cafés to dorm rooms across campus. It keeps things like MacBooks, iPads, and Android phones safe from cosmetic damages that can scrape or gouge chunks out of expensive electronics, keeping them safe from spilled drinks and grimy fingers, too.

In terms of the MacBook skins cover the ForceTouch trackpad and the chassis. Where it’s placed makes it an inadvertently complicated addition to the laptop. Not just any skin can be applied to the Mac and do its magic. It needs to be tailored made for exact generation. Without a precision-cut skin, this accessory can actually cause damage. Overlapping pieces of a skin too large for the MacBook can snag on things, increasing your kid’s chances of dropping and breaking their laptop. Too thick, and a skin can interfere with the sensitive trackpad and cover up important ports.

When it comes to precision, there aren’t too many manufacturers out that can guarantee the fit you want for your child. While some manufacturers will try to offer a generic MacBook fit, only the engineers at dbrand have created a skin that matches specific MacBooks’ blueprints down to the micro-millimeter. MacBook wraps from dbrand are kept as thin as they possibly can (without compromising on strength) to make sure they aren’t adding on the pounds when they provide dependable defence.

As a parent, you’re already at a disadvantage when it comes to buying things your kid approves of. Chances are they aren’t going to want to cover up their Retina with a decal mommy or daddy picked out. It’s inevitable that you’re going to pick a style that they wouldn’t get caught dead sporting. If you want them to take advantage of the protective skin, make sure you let them check out the options their own. That way they can create a personalized decal they actually want to show off around campus. They may choose to mimic the minimalist, monochromatic look Apple has created, or they may want to design something wildly different. You won’t know until they create it.

Letting go is hard, regardless if it’s the first time or just one many, your first child or the baby of the family. It doesn’t get any easier but at least you can say goodbye knowing you’ve given them the tools to succeed. Make sure to cover the bill for the customized skin they make, and you’ll know their MacBook will endure the length of their entire degree.

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