Getting More Miles From Your Tyres

Written by Chloe Harwood

When it comes to your car maintenance, the quality of your tyres is very important because failure to maintain your tyres is a serious risk that could lead to significant injuries.

To make sure you get the most out of your tyres while keeping them properly maintained, the professionals at TyrePlus provided us with some tips to help you get more miles from your tyres while keeping you safe.

  1. Check The Tread

The Thread on your tyre is a great way to know if you need to replace the tyre of if you have more time. Since the tread is what keeps the tyres from sliding when driving in wet conditions, you should always make sure there is some tread on your tyre.

If the surface of the tyre is smooth, it means your tread has worn out and you should replace it as soon as possible.

  1. Regularly Check Balance

Sometimes when you’re driving over 40 or 50 miles per hour and you feel your tyres wobbling, it means that you likely need to balance your tyres because they are uneven. You should take the car to the shop and have a professional fix it for you to avoid further damage to the tyre.

  1. Rotate Tyres Often

The tyres on your car have different forces exerted on them depending on which side of the car they are, which usually leads to uneven tread wear on the tyres. To prevent the tread on your tyres from becoming uneven, it is recommended that you rotate your tyres regularly or after every 5,000 miles.

Rotating the tyres evens out the wear on the tread and allows the tyres to perform as designed.

  1. Make Sure Your Car Is Properly Aligned

One of the leading causes of damage to cars is the failure of owners to get their wheels aligned, which causes a lot of damage to tyres because they are uneven. To prevent causing excessive damage to your tyres, it is recommended that you regularly have your wheels properly aligned by a professional and keep records of the realignment.

It is recommended that you go to a shop that uses accurate computer-assisted machines.

  1. Check Tyre Pressure

To prevent your tyres from wearing unevenly, it is recommended that you keep the tyre pressure at the recommended psi the car manufacturers’ advice. This means that you should check the air pressure in your tyres at least once a month to make sure they are all properly inflated.

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