Giving Your Business A Swift & Substantial Business Quarterly Review

Written by Chloe Harwood

One of the most efficient ways in which to move your business forward is the quarterly review. A Quarterly Business Review, or QBR, is beneficial for any business that has comprehensive dealings with customers and clients. It gives you a general overview of what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. A QBR, in general, can take many different forms. But what are the best methods for any business who hasn’t done one before, and, what are the benefits?

It Gives Your Company Structure

On the face of it, having a quarterly business review gives your business the opportunity in which to go through the pros and cons of every single facet. When it comes to establishing consistent and proper relationships with clients or customers, you need to know exactly how you are doing. A Quarterly Business Review is great in this respect, because it is something that is as regular as clockwork. This is vital in the early stages of your company, especially if you need to interact with clients or customers on a regular basis. You have more time at this stage to conduct a more hands-on approach with these people, so it’s important for you, at this point, to put in place a thorough approach to investigating how well you are doing. You can use this framework every time you can conduct one of these reviews, and it will aid productivity and efficiency.

What Should A QBR Consist Of?

You have no time to mess around, having “meetings about meetings” is something you can do until the cows come home. Instead, you need the nitty gritty. This means creating a proper agenda that is solid, having focus on the ROI, as well as showing sufficient data to confirm what is going good and what is going poorly. While these are simple bullet points, this is a big undertaking. It’s important for you to have a sense of structure and organization with regards to these QBRs, and this is why you need a foolproof administration system to help you structure it. Companies like Strategy Overview provide adequate software for QBRs that can help with this respect. But even if you are organized, there’s no time to mess around with a QBR, because your business is in full flow, and so, going in with a proper structure, and avoiding discussing pointless issues, such as the vision for your company is the best approach.

What Should You Avoid?

It’ll be very easy to delve deep into the deep-rooted problems that your company is facing, but this isn’t the time, nor the place. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects that can steer you in the wrong direction, it’s much better to focus on the positives. If there are issues, look at rectifying these, but only if they are imperative to the customer or client. IT issues, and technical problems don’t have a place here.

In essence, a quarterly business review is one of the best methods in which to better prepare your business to transcend to the next level. So make sure it’s swift and substantial.

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