Good With Numbers? Here’s Where a Maths Degree Can Take You

Written by Chloe Harwood

Some of us are great with words while the rest of us are better with numbers. Do you fall into the latter category? If so, studying maths might be the best thing for you. No matter your age, you can always sign up for a maths course. Would you rather take a part time course in a night school or enroll in a full-time undergraduate degree? There are many options for you to put your number skills to good use! What happens once the course is over? You can always embark on one of the following brilliant career paths.


One of the most obvious choices, you could choose work in accountancy or bookkeeping. You will need a degree in maths for this and a postgraduate certificate in your field of specialism. Accountancy is slightly more specialised than bookkeeping, but both involve working with accounts. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, click here for more info on qualifications in bookkeeping.


Another pretty obvious choice is to become a maths teacher. Teaching allows you to make a difference in society and inspire the next generation. If you are willing to continue learning, there is a lot of room for promotion in this line of work. Stay in academia and obtain a Ph.D. in mathematics to become a lecturer. Or, you can work your way up a school’s hierarchy to become head of the math’s department. You never know, you may even get the top spot as headteacher!

Investment Banking

Investment bankers may get paid the big bucks, but they have to deal with a lot of stress as well. The hours are long, and your commitment needs to be extremely high! As an investment banker, you will be expected to advise businesses and investors where to place their money for the biggest interest. You would frequently deal with the stock markets, as well as work closely with the bond market. So if the world of money sounds like something you’d thrive in, this could be the career for you!

Software Tester

One for all you number and tech fans, software testing involves a surprising amount of mathematics! Software testers work closely with the client to ensure that the user experience is up to scratch. Depending on the exact role, there could be a project management aspect of your role. However, on the whole, you will be responsible for testing a software’s functionality. You’ll also have to increase its usability and scalability.


Fancy yourself as the next 007? Cryptology may not exactly be the kind of spying James Bond does, but it is pretty close! You will be working for government intelligence organisations and tasked with breaking secret codes. Sounds pretty cool right? Most codes are numerical, so maths is a highly desired skill in these kinds of roles. And these days, thanks to internet hackers and digital passwords, cryptologists have never been more in demand.

One thing’s for sure, now that you have mathematics on your CV, you’ll find many open doors. There’s only one question left to answer: where will maths take you?

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