A Great Office Means Better Business: Here’s How You Can Improve Yours

Written by Chloe Harwood

If your company is doing well, but you’re looking for ways to boost business, there’s an obvious place to upgrade that you might be overlooking- and that’s your office. A nice working space means staff are happier, plus it could allow your business to function better and generally be more productive. A great office also makes the best possible impression to customers and clients who may come in for things like meetings or presentations. If you’re hoping to upgrade your office space, here are a few things to consider!

Consider a New Office Building

If your business is doing well, but you’re still working in a small, cramped and outdated space, then it’s time to move on. Have a look online and see what kinds of spaces are available to rent or buy, how about something with fantastic views, floor to ceiling windows or an excellent location? Depending on the type of office you run, it might be worth paying more for a central location. Otherwise, going a little further out can mean you get more for your money. Consider things like how easy is would be to for clients and your staff to get to by road, bus or train too if you do plan on going further out. If you wanted something quite specific, you could even consider having your own office building constructed. This can be a big project as you’ll need everything from builders to a commercial roofing company on hand, although it will allow you to create exactly what you want. If your businesses is well established and making a lot of money, this could be a worthwhile investment.

Keeping Employees Comfortable

As the boss, you will need to ensure than employees can work comfortably. Health issues such as back and neck strain, even eye and wrist strain can occur from the wrong kind of seating and lighting in the office. Invest in ergonomically designed desks and chairs, and ideally, position desks close to windows since daylight is a natural mood booster. Not only are staff health issues bad for them but they’re bad for you too. They could mean a drop in productivity and sick days taken which could have been avoided. Paint the walls a light, neutral shade and decorate with living plants to generally make the office a pleasant space to work in.

Communal Areas

A great space for your employees to work and conduct their daily tasks for the business is the most important thing, but another space you could create in your office is a social area. This is somewhere comfortable staff can sit before work during lunch and breaks, it means they don’t have to keep going off site. All you need is a room with some comfortable chairs, a coffee machine and perhaps a vending machine but you could go further and have a canteen or kitchenette installed. Having a relaxing space to go to on breaks will be something employees appreciate, and you’re less likely to lose minutes of work where people are returning slightly late too.

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