Why You Haven’t Hit The Big Time Yet

Written by Chloe Harwood

Let’s get one thing straight: making your business go boom isn’t easy. If it was, every third person in the supermarket would be called Jeff Bezos, clogging up the parent and child car parking spaces with supercars that can’t manage speed humps. That said, there may be a reason why your business is struggling to grow as fast as you hoped other than the fact the odds are stacked against you.

Now, when you find yourself with your back against the wall and the desperate desire to make things work in your favor, most people find their reaction is to just start throwing money at aggressive forms of marketing, but try and resist.

What you should do instead is try and work out exactly why your business has hit that invisible wall of frustration:

  1. Stop With The Big Fish

We get it. The bigger fish always look more attractive on paper. It’s that chance to hook a paycheck so large you can feast for a while. But, more often than not, winning one of these contracts is nigh on impossible, meaning you’ve wasted valuable time, effort, money and resources, all of which has jeopardised your business. Moby Dick let that whale take him under; don’t follow suit.

  1. Ye Olde On Not In Saga

If you’ve been in business for longer than six minutes, then you’ll have stumbled across some advice that differentiates between working on and working in your business. Yes, it’s a cliche, but that just emphasises its truth. Letting menial tasks drag you down is a company killer. Instead, you need to find more time to do what you do, whether that is getting the legends at Sabio Information Technologies, Inc. to take over your IT needs, bringing on a creative copywriter to manage all your blogging needs and a bookkeeper to do your taxes. Do this and you’ll have the time to do that thing you want to do: grow.

  1. A Pain In Payment

Nothing is more awkward than having to constantly chase invoice payments. But it isn’t only the fact these cringe-worthy engagements start to grate on both parties, but they eat up your time; valuable time that could be spent on, well, you know, more profitable tidbits. Of course, you can’t just stop chasing payments because that would spell a disaster. That’s where sending out an automated reminder can become your friendly neighborhood superhero. It’s that gentle nudge that evades any awkwardness and sees you get paid without having to waste your time on chasing.

  1. Solo Is Not A Winner

Even if you started on your own, did everything on your own and got to where you are now on your own, it is not a formula you want to stick with for the simple fact you’re limiting yourself. You’re limiting your chance to collaborate and brainstorm and grow and boom, and you’re replacing it with a big chance of burning out. So, whether it is hiring employees, outsourcing tasks or collaborating with other companies, find a way to harness their strengths.

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