Heli Skiing Takes Your Vacation To The Extreme

Written by Chloe Harwood

There’s no question that skiing is one of most fun sports out there today. When you fly down slopes at exhilarating speeds that can range anywhere from 40 to 95 mph, it can certainly get your heart pumping. But this exciting experience can only be realized when the conditions are perfect, and often times, at popular ski resorts, they aren’t. Poor weather conditions force the resorts to rely on artificial snow; overcrowded ski hills means you’re waiting in long lines for the chair lifts and fighting for space on the hills. Eventually, you’ll think you’ll never reclaim that excitement of the first time you let loose down the slopes. But that’s where you’re wrong. You can find your next adventure with heli skiing.

Avoiding the typical ski resorts all together, heli skiing will take you to remote peaks of the Canadian Rockies. In state-of-the-art choppers piloted by certified guides, you’ll be flown in a small group to an isolated mountain top to ensure a private experience. The beautiful mountain views will be all around, as if their beauty is for you alone. Here, the true attraction of British Columbia is will be revealed. The conditions in these locations are by far the best, offering ideal powder snow that is completely untouched. You and your small party will be the first to cut through the virgin snow. You’ll never have to wait in line for a chair lift, and you’ll never fight for space on the mountain. Heli skiing offers you a completely secluded experience.

While you and your closest friends are true adventurist when it comes to skiing conditions, you can expect to spend your evenings in luxury. Heli skiing offers comfortable cabins equipped with modern amenities like wifi and cable. You’ll relax at the foot of the mountains, getting ready to spend another day conquering the hills.

The crunch of the snow, the wind blowing past your ears, and the beautiful view of the mountain whizzing past you will remind you why you starting skiing in the first place. With your heart pounding excitedly, you’ll never want to go back to the old way of skiing at overcrowded ski resort again. Scheduling a private heli skiing package for you and your friend is easy when you visit the Great Canadian Heli-Skiing website, and you’ll have the chance to experience something few people do. You’ll be creating life-time memories of your unique time spent in beautiful British Columbia.

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