Hemp Tea: What Are the Benefits?

Written by Chloe Harwood

Drinking tea is a universal ritual, which has a deeper and broader meaning to each one of us.  Tea is an ancient drink from Asia and is traditionally prepared by infusing tea leaves. Among the various types of tea available, hemp tea has climbed the popularity charts due to its healing properties. Made from hemp leaves, this is one of the healthiest teas as it is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. Though hemp tea has been around for many centuries, only in recent years has modern science been able to prove its health benefits.

Health Benefits of Hemp Tea

Herbal tea is known for its health-boosting properties for decades. In that line, CBD or Hemp tea has become a popular beverage in recent times. However, it is not just the latest health fad. It has strong scientific evidence that can prove its health benefits, thanks to the nutrients in the leaves. Some of the health benefits include: 

Reduces Headache

Headache is a common occurrence for most people and traditional teas like chamomile and peppermint are often used as a treatment. Headaches are usually caused due to inflammation which can be treated by CBD. Drinking hemp tea can provide great relief from stress-based or cluster migraine recurrent headaches. Compared to other types of tea it provides long-lasting pain relief. 

Reduces Chronic Pain

Inflammation is the major cause of chronic pain. Hemp offers relief and this is one of the major reasons people are opting for hemp tea. The ingredients are easily absorbed by the digestive system and the effect can be experienced within 30 minutes of consumption. The impact of this drink is long-lasting and stays for about 4 to 8 hours. Due to its long-lasting and slow-acting effect, it is useful for people suffering from chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, MS, and cancer. Hemp tea needs to be consumed just once to relieve pain, unlike other teas where you will have to consume several cups. 

Reduces Depression, Stress, and Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are common among people who lead a hectic life. A calming and relaxing tea can aid in reducing the impact of stress and anxiety. Hemp tea is very useful in such situations as it contains neuroprotective properties that can regulate the emotions. It contains antioxidants that prevent cell damage and also helps in repairing the cells. Hemp tea has healing properties that act as a soothing medication and therapeutically relax the mind. 

Promotes a Healthy Heart

A healthy diet and exercise are required to keep the heart-healthy. When you include Hemp tea to this combination it prevents many heart ailments. As per studies, cannabinoids present in the hemp tea leaves aids in reducing blood pressure.  It also increases the blood circulation in tissues. The compounds present in the leaves aids in the opening, relaxing and widening of the arteries. This ensures that the arteries get enough blood and there is less risk of heart diseases and heart attack. 

For best results, the leaves have to be of high-quality and the nutrients should be kept intact. Hence it is recommended to opt for full-spectrum hemp. Experts from LeafLeaf suggest that full-spectrum hemp tea contains all the necessary nutrients and can help reduce hypertension and regulate heart rate. By drinking hemp tea the digestive system slowly absorbs the nutrients and has a milder and longer effect.  

Boosts Lung Health

Cannabis can enhance lung functioning unlike what is popularly believed. While tobacco acts as a bronchoconstrictor, cannabis acts as a bronchodilator. That means cannabis increases airflow to the lungs by reducing the resistance in the respiratory tract. It is useful for people who have respiratory issues. Hemp tea is a great alternative way of ingesting without smoking and thereby getting all its benefits.

Can help in Overcoming Addictions 

One of the main benefits of hemp tea is it can help in overcoming addiction due to the presence of the CBD compound. This theory is proven by studies that prove that people who consume CBD products like hemp tea have fewer cravings for other intoxicants. This implies that people who consume hemp tea regularly can overcome other addictions like cigarettes also. 

Reduces Nausea

Hemp tea has compounds that aids in relieving nausea by calming the stomach. This is especially useful for patients who undergo regular chemotherapy and suffer nausea as a side effect. It also makes you hungry and avoids weight loss due to chemo and a queasy stomach. It can be used in mild proportions by pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness. Since it is an organic drink it is safe to both the mother and the baby and also reduces nausea and dizziness. 

Helps Insomnia

People who are suffering from insomnia can benefit from Hemp tea. It has properties that aid in relieving stress and helps you calm your mind and body. It ensures that you sleep well at night. It also reduces the side effects of medications for anxiety and depression.

Reduces bowel problems

Cannabis has been traditionally used as a medicine for gastrointestinal problems. It is known to provide relief to people with disorders like Crohn’s disease. Research also indicates that cannabis interacts with the receptors in the digestive system and reduces pain, spasms, cramping, and constipation. Hemp tea goes straight to the digestive tract and heals it.   

Keeps you Hydrated

Most people do not drink enough water or fluids to stay hydrated. Consuming sugary sodas and juices or even regular tea does not help in hydration. Coffee and regular tea contain caffeine which is a diuretic. But no sugar hemp tea is better as it not only hydrates the body but also cleanses the body as it contains antioxidants. Hemp tea improves metabolism and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

There are many health benefits of drinking hemp tea and hence making it part of your regular diet will change your health for the better. Moreover, if the taste of tea is not as per your liking there are other hemp products that you can use. 

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