Hey Google, Look at Me!

Written by Chloe Harwood

Getting a decent placement in the search results returned by Google might be difficult, but it is important if you want your website to be easily found, and there are numerous things that you can do to turn Google’s head and make it pay attention to you.

Here are some effective strategies that you can start using now to boost your search engine ranking, and therefore your business:

Register with Google Search Console

The Google Search Console, which used to be known as Webmaster Tools, is completely free from anyone who owns a website to use. What does it do? It lets you submit your website to Google so that it can be indexed. This is one of the first things you should do when you set up a new business website because it alerts Google to your very existence.

While, we’re on the subject of the Google Search Console, it has a range of other functions that could help Google to pay more attention to you, including checking for crawl errors, ensuring that backlinks to your site are working and gives you lots of useful tips that will help you move up the ranks IF you follow them.

Use Google+ and Google My Business

If your website is a business website, then linking it to Google My Business, any SEO agency will tell you, will give you a boost because it will push your website listing up the ranks when anyone in your local area searches for the kinds of products or services you offer.

It’s also a good idea for anyone who has a website, and wants it to perform better on Google, to not only sign up to Google+ but to actually use it! Post links, articles and the details of your business (if you have one) on Google+ and you’ll have an advantage over competitors who don’t because Google, quite naturally, favors Google+ users.

Speed Up Your Site

The faster your site is, all other things being equal, the better you’ll perform on Google compared to your competitors. Why? Because Google knows that it’s users aren’t exactly patient when it comes to slow loading websites that take an age to view, and as a result, they’ve been taking the speed of a website into account for the past seven years. So, anything you can do to make your website faster, from removing needless plugins to using smaller image files, will help you get more positive attention from Mr. Google.

Use the Right Keywords

Any SEO expert will tell you that, if you want to get anywhere with Google, not only do you need to use keywords in your content, titles, meta descriptions and even the URLs on your website but that you also need to make absolutely sure that you use the right words. How do you find the right keywords? By using tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush and by going for keywords which have less competition. Do this, and you should see a rapid improvement.

Good luck getting Mr. Google’s attention, not that you’ll need it if you put this information into action!


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