Holiday Your Way To Relaxation

Written by Chloe Harwood

Whenever we feel like we want to go on holiday, it’s because we believe we deserve a break from our busy lives and need to completely relax away from any distractions (work, family, emails etc). When we do decide to step on that plane and get away from it all, we feel happy. This is because holidays make us feel free, revitalised and full of energy.

Although, it is common that a lot of us find that we can’t completely disconnect and put the stress of work and routine of our lives to the back of our mind. If you want a holiday to take time to relax, it is important that you do just that. Do not rush to answer emails – in fact, don’t answer them – and take the time to enjoy your freedom. Whether you fancy romance in Oklahoma, the sun of Spain, the sights of Iceland or the traditions of Africa, it is important you relax.


The latest technologies have become a fundamental part of our day-to-day lives. We take our mobile phones, tablets and laptops with us everywhere, even on holiday, and they don’t allow us to disconnect from the lives we have travelled away from. The first step when going on holidays should be to turn your mobile phone off and leave it in a drawer (at least for most of the day). Although it might seem a bit difficult, to not check your phone, a relaxing holiday without a mobile phone is really worth the effort.

Forget About The Clock

When you’re on holiday you do not need to wake up early, and you do not need to set an alarm. Take the time to re-energise yourself. That’s why it’s important, as mentioned above, that you should leave your watch in the drawer and do whatever you want whenever you want: wake up naturally, eat when you’re hungry. Don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t want to do.

A Healthy Mind Equals a Healthy Body

When we are on holiday, we take the time to de-stress in our mind, but do many of us think about allowing our bodies to feel free, too? You could look up spas in the destination you’re going, or massage therapy centres. Alternatively, you could look up traditional therapies in the country you’re travelling to. That way, you experience more of the culture, too.

Practice Healthy Habits

You could take your freedom to allow your body to feel re-energised too. You don’t need to rush your lunch. You could use your holiday to incorporate healthy habits into your life. And if you really want to help yourself relax, start meditating or practicing yoga while you are on the beach or in a secluded area.

Go Walking

Walking is known to help and power the mind through its positive energy and ease of exercise it allows. The feeling of calm and well being that walking provides continues to be a  medicine that we can all use. Get out of your hotel out and enjoy the environment you’re in,  explore where you are, see unique aspects, and even (if you’re feeling confident), converse with the locals.

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Chloe Harwood