Homesickness Remedies For The Holiday Happiness Deficient

Written by Chloe Harwood

A vacation should be your opportunity to shake off the limitations of home, be free, and see the world in a whole new light. However, for some people, it’s not quite that easy. Especially not on particularly long trips. If you’re having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, you might be homesick. Don’t worry, with that diagnosis, there are plenty of ways to help you get over it.

Take a slice of home with you

A little familiarity can go a long way. You might have some personal keepsake that can help. For a lot of people, it’s as simple as getting used to a cultural divide. While trying to appreciate the culture around you, take a book or stream some TV when you’re in the hotel at night. If you use the VPNs mentioned at Securethoughts, you can get all the TV shows you enjoy at home. It can be just the right dose of something familiar to make you more prepared to enjoy something new after it. Be kind to the culture of the place you’re visiting, too. All too often, travelers frame a foreign culture as ‘bad’ instead of ‘different’.

Make some friends

There are safe ways to make friends when you’re traveling. If you want to get past the language barrier, there are apps to help you find fellow travelers. Pick a public spot to meet up and trade stories. The feeling of going it alone can sometimes be what makes you feel most disconnected where you are. If you volunteer as part of the holiday, you’re bound to make some connections there as well.

Focus on the positive

Sometimes, all you need is just to change your frame of mind. It’s not impossible, and there are some ways of making it happen. One of the best ways is to take the time to write about your travels. Justporter can help you get started on a travel journal. When you’re writing, you want to recreate your experiences, which can get you thinking more clearly about what exactly you’ve done. Taking the time to reflect on the things you’ve seen and the places you’ve been can give you a fresh perspective. That, in turn, can help you become more appreciative of what you have yet to enjoy on the trip. You might even go out of your way to have more fun just to have better things to write in the journal.

Share the adventure

Think about what you’re going to share with the people back home, as well. If you think about framing the travels so they can enjoy it as well as you, it gives you a reason to actively try and create fond memories. For instance, think about some souvenirs you can pick up for them. Make yourself more likely to try and have fun not just for you but for the people you’re going to share the adventure with.

Homesickness can really ruin a holiday, so don’t spend your time abroad just wishing the time would go faster. Take the tips above to heart, get over it and actually see the trip for the fantastic opportunity that it is.

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