In-House Or Outsource, We Decide

Written by Chloe Harwood

Right now, outsourcing is all the rage. It’s one of those things that has kind of been given much more of a spotlight thanks to the digital world. And when you are a digital business, you can easily wonder if opting to do it yourself is going to be good for you. Well, in some cases, it will be. Because choosing to outsource a lot of your work is always going to have benefits. Whether you choose to work with a large business to business company, or you want to hire a freelance contractor, outsourcing can free up your time and ensure that experts take on the work. But the only question is, what services should you outsource and which should you keep in-house?


This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but you definitely shouldn’t try to take on your taxes when you can hire an accountant instead. As a big business, your taxes can get quite complicated. While it’s perfectly okay to want to track your finances yourself, just to stay on top of things, definitely hand them over when it comes to tax time. Because even if you are quite numerical and you could handle them, your time is best spent elsewhere. Plus, when you outsource to an accountant, you know that they’re going to be right.


Next, there’s IT. And this one is another one that you may be tempted to handle yourself, but you shouldn’t. Because who wants to clog up all of their important business growing time with IT issues when they could outsource to a company, such as Kumo, instead? Not a smart business owner, that’s who! With the right IT company in place, your IT issues will be no more.


When it comes to blogging, to begin with, this is definitely something that you want to keep in-house. Your blog could be a huge part of your digital presence, and you want to make sure it stays on brand. If you are tempted to outsource, just for time reasons, then just bring in a freelance copywriter instead – because one person will be able to nail consistency for you.


Then there’s maintenance to think about. This is definitely something to outsource. At first, when it’s just you, you may be okay with taking the bins out and running the hoover round. But as your business grows, you just can’t do it. So you need to work with a buildings maintenance company that can run it all like clockwork for you.

Customer Service

And finally, there’s customer service to consider. For this one, we’re going to stick to in-house for the time being. As you’re growing, you definitely want as much control over your customer contact as possible. It’s essential for you to see what your customer queries are, and eliminate issues going forwards. Definitely hire someone to handle your customer service, but make it an employee and keep it in-house for now.

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