How to Choose Rugs For The Living Room

Written by Chloe Harwood

A living room is a place where we entertain friends, visitors, and guests, and spend some quality time with each other. Hence living room needs to be planned to perfection. Apart from furniture, style, and decor, having the right rugs also matters when it comes to the living room. Hence, it is important to understand how to choose rugs. Before getting into that, it becomes essential to have some insights into the types available in the present day.

Types of Rugs

Rugs can be categorized into different kinds. Most of this categorization depends on the geography as rugs across geographies are traditionally designed differently.

Persian Rugs

The Persian rugs are different from others as they use a high number of knots and are hand-knotted. Though there are various high points, the centerpiece of the rug, the medallion, is the main feature of Persian rugs. The versatility a Persian rug offers is immense and hence it is a very popular option among carpet and rug lovers. 

Afghan Rugs

These rugs have a typical structure of octagonal patterns and göl. They are usually dark red in color and have excellent workmanship. 

Caucasian Rugs

A native of Caucasian tribes, these rugs are popular for their tribal designs, bold patterns, and primary colors. It is made of hand-spun woolen yarn. They use distinct colors that are in sync with natural materials such as deep rose, vibrant yellow, and deep green.

Pakistan Rugs

The knots are highly dense, open and are made of wool. The knots are tied in such a way that it can change the color tone when viewed. However, it is mostly found in red color. 

Chinese Rugs

It can either be found as an antique or trendy piece. Antique rugs have larger knots and are thicker when compared to the contemporary ones. 

Tips to Choose the Right Carpets & Rugs

Having so many choices in carpets and rugs makes it difficult to choose. However, there are certain things that can help you make the right choice. Given below are a few tips that will help you choose the best.

Choose the right color

If you have any individual color preferences, go for that. However, experts at opine that choosing a rug that complements the tone of the room can elevate the look and feel. Also, ensure that it blends with the interiors (planned or existing) of the living room. 

Choose the size based on Space Availability

When choosing a rug to ensure that you consider the size of the living room. Remember that a living room floor is covered by many items of furniture like table, chairs, sofas, cabinets, etc. Keep this in mind while choosing a rug.


While choosing the rug you should consider the maintenance aspect too. Most of these need regular vacuuming and rotation. So when investing in one, take into consideration this aspect as some of the types need higher maintenance than others. 

Consider the above-mentioned tips while buying rugs and add more style to your living room. 

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