How To Improve The Speed & Efficiency Of Your Deliveries

Written by Chloe Harwood

If you run a business, it’s likely that you’ll need some sort of delivery service. It’s particularly important if you’re running an online store. You may be packaging and shipping hundreds of items every single day. As your business grows larger, you need an effective and efficient solution. It’s easier said than done, and anyone who runs an online store knows how tricky it is! Good, timely deliveries are essential for customer service. If it’s late, damaged, or incorrect, you face a lot of trouble. So, it’s crucial that you get it right. Here are some tips you should adopt for your company.

Use automated software

When orders are coming in thick and fast, you need a reliable system to organise them. Remember, you’re looking for accuracy and efficiency here. The faster you can turn around orders, the better. So, install a computerised, automated software that handles your incoming tickets. It should automatically update your stock numbers, and print address stickers too. It’s a big decision that will benefit your business. When you get a rush sale, you’ll be pleased you’re using an automated system!

Shipping calculators

The hardest part of running an online store is getting the shipping prices correct. Every product has a different weight, and each is going to a different part of the country (or the world). That means a big variation in the price of delivery. For the sake of your customers, however, you need to offer a simple pricing structure. Or, you need to offer free shipping (which drastically improves sales numbers). First of all, you need to invest in shipping scales, to accurately weigh each product. Next, you’ll need scale tickets that display the weight, address, and cost to the buyer. You can get both of these from Don’t make shipping more complicated than it needs to be!

Use telematics and tracking

Once the hard work is done, and the products are out for delivery, your work isn’t finished. You still need to track each and every parcel. You need assurance that the delivery arrives on time. Telematics also lets you spot any problems in the system. You can see if the package is held up at customs or if there are problems elsewhere. Best of all, you can pass on this information to your customers. As buyers, we like to be able to track our parcels en route.

Monitor and feedback

As a business, you should always look for ways to improve speed and efficiency. Remember, the faster you deliver, the more you can process. Efficient delivery equals higher profits. So, monitor your systems regularly, at every stage of the journey. How fast are you processing the order and preparing the packaging? How long does it take for the delivery to transfer to the couriers or handlers? How long does that take to reach the customer’s door? Monitor every aspect of the service, and work to improve it.

Follow these steps, and you’ll improve efficiency at a fantastic rate. You’ll get orders out quickly, and pocket the extra money. Good luck!

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