How To Keep Your Car Looking New Over The Years

Written by Chloe Harwood

There is hardly a more exciting feeling than driving your new car home because the vehicle is probably going to be your pride and joy for the years to come. You love the gleaming paint, shimmering glass, fresh smell, and shining wheels but keeping the vehicle looking the same over the years is a tough challenge. Still, ensuring that it looks as good as new does not require much work. A little extra attention and regular maintenance is all that you need to invest in going the extra mile with car care. 

And this is a smart thing to do because you will save up on repair expenses in the long run. Also, your vehicle will have a longer lifespan and you may not have to think of buying a new one. Even if you want to sell the car at any point in time, a good condition will surely fetch you lucrative resale value. So looking after it definitely makes sense. Here are some easy tips to keep your car looking new and shiny over the years.

Think about where you park

While the way you drive affects the performance and mileage of the vehicle, it looks greatly depend on the parking place. Be careful about parking on the road or in parking lots because other vehicles may damage it if you choose cramped spots. If you have a garage at home, don’t leave it outside overnight. Avoid parking outside and under the trees because bird droppings, possum pee, and tree sap can damage the paint quickly. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight because it can cause the paint to fade away and make the vehicle look older than its age.

Remove deposits as soon as you can

Despite the best precautions, you may still notice deposits of all kinds on the car’s body. Time is of the essence when it comes to effective removal of deposits because putting off cleaning to later can make the stains harder to get rid of. In fact, leaving them long enough can cause permanent staining. Cleaning the deposits is as easy as washing them off with water. You can even use a weak detergent to get rid of the deposits if washing with water does not remove them.

Wash your car regularly

While quick stain removal is essential for keeping the vehicle looking fresh and new, you cannot ignore the importance of routine washing. At least once a week is the car washing rule you should stick to though you may do it more often if there is a need. Hand washing at home is a good idea but a professional wash once in a while is recommended. Use a car wash detergent that gets rid of deposits and stains but is gentle on the paint. Thoroughly rinse once finished to wash away the detergent left on the surface.

Use only paint protection products

While you may use mild detergents for car washing, stick to paint protection cleaning and polishing products only. Whether you DIY or take your car to an auto body shop, prioritize the use of such products to maintain the shine and color of the car’s exterior. These may cost a little extra but it is completely worth the money spent because it ensures that your vehicle looks new despite the years.

Address dings and dents quickly

Just washing and cleaning your car is not enough. You also need to address dings and dents quickly because they can compromise the looks of the vehicle significantly. A majority of Tucson dent repair experts recommend paintless dent removal because the technique delivers effective and speedy results without costing a fortune. The process is based on a massaging technique and uses specialized tools to remove small dents and imperfections without touching the paint. Obviously, the job shows no visible signs because the paint stays intact.

Clean the glass as well

You may be much obsessed about the paint and exterior, so cleaning the glass may not be on top of your mind. But remember that you need to do it more often because glass catches dirt and grime quickly. Use a fresh microfiber towel and cleaner to get the best results. Spray the cleaner and buff the glass to get rid of the dirt and stains. Dry it with a clean towel and you have shiny glass that complements the shiny paint of your car. 

Don’t forget the interior

While extra work with the vehicle’s exterior is imperative to maintain its looks for the long run, you must go the extra mile with the interior as well. As the car ages, the interior surfaces also get exposed to grit and grime. Clean the vehicle cabins regularly with an interior spray detailer. Also, pay attention to the leather and vinyl seating surfaces because these delicate materials need good handling. Abrasive particles can easily harbor in them, causing extensive damage over time. Replacing these materials can be expensive, so being extra cautious makes sense.

Preventive maintenance is a smart idea 

When it comes to making conscious efforts to keep your car looking new over time, a proactive approach is a smart idea. Rather than waiting for the vehicle to get dirty or damaged, you should take it for regular checkups to an auto body shop. They will detect the most minor flaws, scratches, and dents and address them immediately. And you can also get a cleanup job with deep cleaning inside and outside. A shiny vehicle that smells amazing is what you will drive home!

This comprehensive checklist pretty much covers the complete maintenance and care of your car’s exterior. If you stay regular with these tips, you can probably be the proud owner of the same for the years to come. Besides paying attention to the look of your car, invest in regular servicing and engine maintenance checks to prolong the life of the vehicle. Looking after your vehicle like an asset is a wise move because you will be able to get a good value when you resell later.

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