How to Prepare for Your First Business Trip

Written by Chloe Harwood

If you’ve never been on a business trip before, you might be a little nervous about it. But there are a lot of benefits of business trips, so here’s how to prepare for yours.

Plan Your Itinerary

What do you want to achieve on this business trip? That’s a question you’ll need to find an answer to before you proceed. If you’re being sent on the trip by your boss, they’ll probably talk you through it all and tell you what they expect you to do. But if you’re the boss, you need to establish your own objectives. Do you want to check up on a foreign branch? Are you scouting locations for an expansion? Are you trying to build new trade partnerships with foreign companies? There are so many ways in which business trips can be useful.

Prepare the Boring Things

There are lots of small, boring things that need to be sorted out before you can get going on your trip. You might need to get a visa, depending on where you’re going and how long you plan to be there. You should also consider business travel insurance to keep you covered in case anything goes badly wrong while you’re out there. Then you’ll need to book your plane tickets and a hotel room in a suitable and convenient location. All these things need to be done, even if they seem dull.

Pack Your Luggage

Start by making a packing checklist so that you don’t make any major mistakes. Write down everything you need to take in order to carry out your objectives once you reach your destination. Think about the clothes you take; you want to exude professionalism to impress the business associates you’ll be meeting and negotiating with. And if you’ll be doing a lot of traveling around, you’ll want to take a resilient and comfortable pair of shoes to avoid any pain or blisters. Then you’ll have to remember to pack your tickets, passport and any other documents you’ll need.

Take Business Cards

Business cards are always useful, but they’re even more useful when you’re on a business trip. They allow you to leave something with the people you meet and interact with. You don’t want them to forget you as soon as the meeting ends. And if they have a small business card to keep with them, they should remember you. It should have your business’s name, as well as your name, printed on them. Your address, phone number and email address should also be included on the card.

Get to the Airport Early

When it comes to taking off and leaving for your destination, you need to get to the airport as early as you can. If you don’t, you’ll end up rushing around, and this leaves you vulnerable to making mistakes. You might forget a bag or forget to pack something. Preparation is key. Remember, this isn’t a personal holiday, you’re going on this trip to represent the business, and it’s the business that will suffer if you slip up. So, get everything prepared in advance and leave yourself plenty of extra time.

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