How To Run An Efficient Warehouse

Written by Chloe Harwood

If you run an online store, you probably have dreams of moving out of your bedroom and into the big leagues, right? There will come a time when you need a bigger storage and stock solution. You’ll process and ship more items than you can count, and your turnover will be enormous. When you reach that stage in business, everything comes down to efficiency. And nowhere is this more important than in a warehouse. If you’re thinking about upgrading your storage facilities, here’s what you need to know.

Keep it tidy – In this post, we’re going to look at a variety of different techniques. Some involve technology and complex industry tricks. Others are plain, simple, and obvious! After all, the simplest solutions are often the best. Here’s simple solution no. 1: keep it tidy. A warehouse is an enormous storage centre, and your efficiency relies on being able to find things quickly. Keeping everything in its right place is your golden rule.

Monitor picking times – ‘Picking’ is warehouse terminology for the process of collecting an item and readying it for delivery. The ‘picking’ time starts from when the order arrives in the warehouse. It ends when the item is prepared, and ready to load onto the delivery truck. Naturally, your goal here is a quick picking time! Monitor your times daily, and it will give you an insight how to speed things up.

Keep popular items closeby – One of the easiest ‘picking’ tricks in the book is grouping popular items close together. Most sellers tend to have a small amount of popular items that make up 80% of their sales. Obviously, these are the items you want right by the shipping area. Put the least common items far away in a dusty corner of the warehouse, but make the popular items easy to access.

Automation and conveyor belts – Professional warehouse efficiency requires excellent technology. Modern systems are automatic, seamless, and efficient. Take a look at the modern automation on offer at Conveyor Systems Ltd. It’s like Christmas for warehouse owners! It will speed up production, and drastically reduce picking times.

Staff training – A warehouse production line works in perfect unison when everyone understands their job role. That’s why staff training is so important. Teamwork is crucial in the warehouse. From the moment an order comes through, everyone has a role to play. Make sure your staff are trained in efficient and productive warehouse techniques. Every time you introduce a new piece of equipment, introduce a new round of training too.

Signs and colour coding – We’ll finish with another simple and obvious technique. It’s no lie to say that warehouses all look very similar! Even experienced pickers can find themselves confused. A simple solution is using colour coding everything. From walkways to shelves to product categories. Our brains respond much better to colour and categories than anything else. Use it!

When the demand is high enough, you’ll be ready to take the big step forward, and invest in your first warehouse. This information should give you a nice headstart.

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