The Important Qualities Of An Excellent Office Space

Written by Chloe Harwood

An office is an asset. It’s not just a place where you and your employees go to work. It can have all kinds of influence on how well they get that work done. From the look to the feel and even the arrangement of the physical space; it all matters. So here, we’re going to look at the properties of a great workplace.


You need to start out with the kind of work your people are going to be doing and what kind of space fits that work. For privacy, partitioned set-ups and dampening acoustics matter. If yours is the kind of workplace that has important, private meetings, consider something like a meeting pod. If you and a team of creatives need a space to communicate, consider dedicating some space to a comfortable open layout. There is no one space that fits all. You need to consider diversifying your use of the room you have.


Regardless of what kind of space it is, you need to make your workers feel comfortable in it. This means avoiding a few key mistakes. Don’t use the most rigid chairs you can. Use those that support their backs properly and keep in good condition to keep working. Don’t use pale, fluorescent lights that sap productivity. Let in some natural light. Put some plants around the place. Avoid that almost physically painful atmosphere so many offices fall into.


Discomfort can lead to some real health problems too. Poor lighting will cause eyestrain if your employees use computers. Bad seating arrangements can lead to real back pain. But health and safety all over the office should be a priority. Cleanliness not only makes it a more positive environment. It gets rid of tripping and slipping hazards, for example.


What about where the office is actually situated? Have you thought about the important factors that go into that choice? For instance, is it within reasonable distance of public commuting options? If you limit yourself to only those who can drive, you could be missing out on some fantastic potential employees. Do you know who your neighbours are? Will they be causing undue noise or congestion for you? How about the security of the neighbourhood or proximity to emergency services? These are all questions you should ask about the premises.


It’s not just about how the office functions, either. It’s about how it looks and feels. Branding your office is an important part of setting a company identity. Keeping it clean, keeping décor in mind and giving the company visual style physical form. This will make the people working there more motivated to consider themselves as a part of that company. It will give the whole place, and the team, a real identity to act upon.

Hopefully, the point has gotten through that an office should address the needs of the people working in it. People need to be comfortable, focused and safe. They need a place they can do their work without issue and one that makes them glad to be there.

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