Important Tactics for Saving Money on Commercial Equipment

Written by Chloe Harwood

Businesses often have a long list of expenses, and most of them are unavoidable. But even if you can’t cut out the cost entirely, you can bring it down to a more affordable level. Many companies own cleaning equipment, either for their staff or an outside cleaning company to use. While smaller tools, such as cloths and sponges, may not cost much, larger pieces of machinery can be major expenses. For example, you might need to invest in a floor sweeper or polisher. When these items cost so much, it better when you can find ways to save on them.

Buy Used

As with many other things, it’s always a good idea to look for pre-owned cleaning equipment first. You could find plenty of things you need that are used but still in excellent condition. And as soon as something has been owned by one person, the value goes down substantially. So you could make an impressive saving by avoiding brand new cleaning equipment. It could also be a good idea to sell machines you no longer use.

Look for Bargains

Everything comes up on sale eventually, whether it’s through clearance or on a seasonal offer. Before you buy something at full-price, check to make sure you can’t get it cheaper elsewhere. Waiting a bit longer to make your purchase could make all the difference too. There’s nothing worse than buying something, and then noticing that it’s been knocked down by 40% a few weeks later. You can also look at older models of the same equipment.

Perform Maintenance Checks

Another part of saving money on cleaning equipment is making sure that it lasts longer. You can help your machines to survive by performing regular maintenance checks. It’s essential to keep them clean and running as they should be. If you don’t look after them throughout their lifespan, they could just suddenly give up the ghost. Create a schedule for when each piece of equipment needs a check.

Replace Parts Instead of Machines

Don’t be too hasty to replace any equipment, when you could repair it instead. You should always try to fix it first, weighing up the part and repair costs with the price of a new one. For example, if you floor scrubber is broken, look for Tennant 5700 parts or replacements for the relevant model. You might only need to spend a few dollars on a new part, instead of replacing the whole thing for a lot more.

Share Equipment

If you have neighboring businesses, you might consider sharing your cleaning equipment with them. You can split the costs of the purchase and any maintenance costs, and perhaps even share a cleaning crew. This is a great way to strengthen relations between businesses. Although you need to be careful, as it could end up having the opposite effect too.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your commercial cleaning equipment if you’re clever about your spending. Be sure to look into other options for buying a brand new, latest model machine.

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