Inside Tips For Those Wanting To Sell Their Own Fruit And Veg

Written by Chloe Harwood

Many people these days are growing their own fruit and vegetables. And some people really want to make a business out of it. Growing fruit and veg is a lot of fun. It helps you work towards both a healthier diet and a financial reward.

But really being successful at selling fruit and vegetables requires a few tricks of the trade. Here are some inside tips to help make your vegetable stall a resounding success.

Choose An Awesome Location

Have you ever driven down a busy road and seen a sign saying “potatoes for sale”? More than likely. In fact, you probably thought to yourself at the time that you quite liked the idea of grabbing some home grown veggies. But there was just one problem. You couldn’t stop because you saw the sign too late. Oh well, you thought, the supermarket will have to do.

This little tale illustrates how a bad location can ruin your chances as a veg seller. If you’re selling veg just off a major road, put up signs well in advance of your stall. You want to be in a place with a lot of traffic, but you also want drivers to have the chance to stop and visit.

Make Links With Support Services

Just setting out a fruit and vegetables on a stand is unlikely to be enough to make a success of your business. You have to do things professionally. The first thing that any greengrocer has to do is buy a scale that is fit for purpose. You’ll be using scales a lot to work out how much customers have to pay. But you’ll also have to make sure that they stay calibrated. Building a relationship with a scale company can be a real help for those just starting out.

You’ll also want to make links with an advertising company; perhaps one that specializes in making stalls. There’s some good advice on this subject at Having an attractive stall will make your business more visually appealing and professional-looking.

Build A Display

Ask any food advertiser and they’ll tell you that the way you sell food is through imagery. Just look at all the food marketing on TV. They’re almost always based on images of the food itself. Why? Because showing people pictures of food works.

Of course, you’re not going to be selling your food through the TV. At least, not yet. But you can still use imagery to your benefit. Go into any greengrocers and you’ll notice that the produce is all beautifully arranged. This isn’t by accident. It’s deliberate. The greengrocer wants to give an impression of tastiness and bounty. Why? Because it means that customers will buy more.

Check Local Regulations

The food business, like most businesses, is highly regulated. That means that if you do want to sell food, you’re probably going to have to get some sort of permit. That’s not a problem. They’re usually relatively easy to acquire. Check in your city or state to see what the rules and regulations are.

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