The internet is a Marvellous Thing

Written by Chloe Harwood

The internet is a marvellous thing. Most of us have a home broadband connection and can while away hours scrolling the web or streaming music. What about at work though? Most businesses rely heavily on the internet in 2017 and have some sort of business broadband connection from the likes of TalkTalk Business and if you’ve got a desk based job then you’re likely to realise this even more. But just how have businesses been revolutionised by the internet?


Aren’t emails great? Imagine a life without them where by you had to send letters to contacts or shock horror, actually pick up the phone! Emails make everything 10X faster and you can just pop over an email to a colleague or client and have an answer sitting in your inbox within minutes. Not only this but catching up on your emails couldn’t be easier. You don’t need to spend all day at your desk and can keep an eye on them whilst on the go to make sure you’re always kept in the loop.

Document Sharing/Storage

Remember bulky filing cabinets and desks strewn with paper? For the majority these sights are well and truly a thing of the past. Of course not all offices are completely paper-free but the internet means that documents can be stored online thanks to services such as Google Drive and The Cloud. Sharing documents with colleagues and clients has also been made easier thanks to the internet. There’s no longer the need to waste a million trees by printing off multiple copies of bulky documents; a quick online share means they’ve got the documents sitting on the screen in front of them.


Communication is much faster thanks to the internet. Not only do emails make correspondence easier you no longer even have to be in the same country to have a meeting. Gone are the days of trying to sync your diaries with your contacts to find a day when you’ll both be in the same place at the same time; thanks to business broadband all you need is a strong internet connection to be able to speak face-to-face from across the miles.


Marketing your business would be practically impossible without the internet. Most businesses have their own websites and social media has become a crucial way of spreading word of mouth and in today’s age if you don’t have some sort of social media presence then you risk getting left behind.

Have you noticed how businesses have been transformed thanks to the internet?

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