Is office design important to business success?

Written by Chloe Harwood

Office design is important to the success of your business. When your customers and business partners see that your offices are well structured and efficient they are more likely to think of your business as trustworthy and caring. After all if you don’t care enough about your business to organize it well then how organized and professional are you going to be when doing business with others? Here are some tips and advice to consider when designing an office.


If workers spend too much time walking back and forth to get their jobs done, then productivity is decreased while worker fatigue is increased. Although experts do recommend that office workers move about some during the day, only so much is needed. The rest is just lost productivity. For that reason, departments that often work together should be next to one another.

Good lighting

Harsh overhead lighting can lead to workers suffering greater levels of fatigue as the day wears on, whereas soft and ambient light is much more soothing and less tiring. Of course natural light is best because it offers a broader spectrum of color that helps workers see details with greater clarity and get tasks done more efficiently.

The key to real working comfort is to control the light in an office. Blinds and shutters offer workers the opportunity to adjust natural light to best suit them. Blinds and shutters can help reduce heating and cooling costs for your office space that means your company is contributing to a more sustainable environmental future.

Quality office furniture

If you spend a good part of your day in an office environment then great office furniture is important. It should look stylish and appealing to customers and clients while providing the comfort and support needed for workers to perform their best. When you invest in good quality your employees are a lot more likely to enjoy their workday.

A great break room

Everyone needs a break. A good break room can help encourage employees to relax and socialize together. It can also double as an area for employee events. A nice open floor plan with comfortable seating and chairs is a great start. Larger offices may want a few vending machines with healthy snacks and beverages to keep up energy levels. A bulletin board where employees can read company announcements and information can help make sure that everyone has good access to essential company information.


All offices have the need for private meeting spaces. Blinds and shutters can help give a meeting area privacy during important discussions and allow you to use a wider range of spaces as meeting places or just private work areas. Even areas right next to a busy street can seem private if set up with the proper window coverings.

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