IT Jobs With Highest Salary

Written by Chloe Harwood

IT jobs are in demand right now, because of the high rate that technology is evolving at the moment. The rise in demand of IT jobs also means an increase in salary for IT professionals. If you love working on computers, and are interested in a career in the computer industry, here are some of the top paying IT jobs.

5. Web Applications Developer

These are the people that make it possible to surf the web, web developers are able to use complex scripts and languages to make websites. The nature of their job allows them to work for big companies, that have a significant online presence, or be independent, and work as freelancers. Web developers often work closely with web designers, in an effort to create a visually pleasing website. The average salary that a web developer commands annually is $78,500.

4. Systems Analyst

The systems analyst is usually the person that you call when you are having technical difficulties at work. Their job is to make sure that any technical problems that come up gets fixed. There are two types of analyst, Business system analysts are the ones that decide what system and software is suitable for an organization, because they have a great understanding of the system. Application system analysts are the ones responsible for network operations, and use their computer knowledge to fix technical errors and problems. Their average annual salary is $96,000

3. Software Engineer

This is one of the most popular IT jobs, they are the people responsible for the coding the websites that you visit every day. They are also responsible for creating programs that allow people to stay on top of the latest trends, needs, and advancements. They also work with other tech sectors to test programs, and use user feedback to improve their applications. Their annual salary average is $95,000

2. IT Security Manager

An IT security manager is the person responsible for managing a company’s stances and rules in terms of the computer use and etiquette that everyone must follow. An IT security manager also analyzes the company’s security condition, and has to figure out the weak points, and fix them, to avoid the company’s network from getting attacked or hacked. The average salary that an IT security manager earns annually is $120,000.

1. Network Architect

This is the person responsible for bringing a company’s technical wants and needs to life, and creating the computer infrastructure that they want. It can be as simple as changing a company’s system from Macintosh to Microsoft Windows, or as complicated as creating an infrastructure that keeps all of a company’s client information confidential. Network Architects command an annual salary of $150,000.

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