Jumping A Bail Can Put You In More Trouble, Know Why

Written by Chloe Harwood

Getting a bail may sound great, but in reality, it’s just a temporary relief. There are several things that may make you panic and bring fear in your mind even when you are on bail. These things include the upcoming court dates; here’s when you might think of skipping the bail so that you don’t have to face anyone. Although it might seem like a good idea now, later it will make things harder for you in the future. Failing to appear in court is a crime that is named as a misdemeanor. So below are some of the things that you need to know if you jump bail. 

At someday, you would be caught

It may sound like a movie scene to you, but in reality, the legal persons will come after you, even if you are in another country. They will get to you in any possible way as they can. And for that, they can even take the help of the private detectives, bounty hunters, and the country police. And in case, if you aren’t caught, there are many losses that you may incur emotionally as well as financially. For example, you can’t come back to your place or home, can’t get any legitimate job, etc. 

An Arrest warrant will be issued by the government

Another outcome of skipping bail is that you now will be deemed as a fugitive, and a bench warrant will be issued on your name. This indicates that the cops can arrest you anywhere, anytime.

Apart from your original crime, you may now also be involved in the crime of skipping the bail, which indicates that you will ultimately destroy your chances of ever being released again.

Have to pay the full amount

If the defendant cannot be found within the allocated time, there are no chances of amount negotiations. Ashton Baker from Bail 2 GO explains that a person that skips bail and is brought back into custody will have to pay the full amount of bail, instead of just a percentage. That’s the reason you must have the bond amount ready to pay the bail agent as they will be paying the court on your behalf. If you can pay promptly, there may be a discount on the amount you are responsible for.

You could face a higher bond or no bond in the future

Jumping bail has long-term outcomes. And in case, if you are regularly in trouble with the law, you could either face a higher bond or be declined a bond thoroughly. Even if you intend to change your life around and stay out of trouble, it may be too late. The mistakes you make today affect your tomorrow, so it’s best not to jump bail.

As mentioned-above, jumping bail is simply a bad idea, by doing this you will just dig a hole for yourself in which you will fall later. Hopefully, this information may help you in your future endeavors. 

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