Keeping Employees Safe During Dangerous Work Conditions

Written by Chloe Harwood

When you’re working in an office or a relatively safe workplace, there’s no excuse for sloppy staff security. The most dangerous thing that could happen to an office is probably something like a computer virus, a burglary or even just a fire that started because someone spilt coffee over some power outlets. Of course, that doesn’t mean an office doesn’t need protection.

For starters, and office probably has extensive security measures in order to protect itself and the employees. However, this is a far cry from working in a more dangerous location such as a construction site or on an oil platform. These jobs are a lot more stressful, more things can go wrong, and the chance of getting into an accident are much higher. Sadly, these jobs exist because they have to be done despite the dangers, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the safety of your employees if you work in a dangerous workplace.

If you truly want to support your employees in a dangerous working environment, then here are some general tips to help you look after your staff.

Learn about the safety equipment

If you operate a business that is hazardous by default, then you’re going to need to study about the job and what type of equipment your staff needs to remain safe. For instance, if you run a facility that manages harmful chemicals, then you’re going to need ample protection with masks, protective clothing, and machines that will help you scrub away harmful chemicals should something spill. You should have a safety advisor ready to give you some helpful information about all the types of equipment you’ll need to keep your employees safe, but this is really something that should be discussed before you’re open for business.

Buy quality items

If it’s the safety of your employees at stake, then you don’t want to hand them second-rate equipment or poor imitations. For instance, a company that uses gaskets to seal pipes is going to be relying on them for safety purposes. You don’t want a spill or a gas leak to happen, which is why you should rely on a trusted brand such as Victor Reinz gaskets. Similarly, there are many different manufacturers of hazmat suits, but one of the most trusted brands is Honeywell.


Ensure your staff learn proper procedures

Make sure that every member of staff has gone through proper training and is certified to work at your location. Don’t cut corners with training and don’t give them passing grades despite failing one or two tests. Your staff need to understand every single nuance about working their jobs and they need to understand all of the procedures involved with their dangerous jobs. If they suffer an accident due to your neglect, not only will you likely lose an employee, but you might also lose your business.

The best way to avoid this is to have a certified instructor who is able to teach your employees proper safety measures in your workplace. Make sure they pass with flying colours before you accept them into your workforce and the chance of an accident happening will drastically be reduced.

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