Keeping Your Team Healthy And Secure In The Business Premises

Written by Chloe Harwood

Talking about the effects of the workplace on the business and the employees needs to happen more. The focus can sometimes be narrowed down solely to workplace accidents. However, any employer has to be aware that they are at much more risk than that. There’s the risk of accidents, yes. But there’s also the risk of fire, of crime and of the workplace itself being dangerous to an individual’s health. In this article, we’re going to try to look closer at the broader range of health risks you should be thinking about.

Being proactive on health and safety

Naturally, the safety of the work itself has to be to the best standard possible. Every job carries with it health risks. From the all too common danger of tripping to the state of equipment posing a threat. Carry out regular safety checks on the premises, even assigning a safety officer. That way you can know that the situation is constantly monitored.

Taking a closer look at the premises

You need to look at the very physical properties of the office and whether or not they can cause harm to your employees. Proper lighting and ergonomic furniture is a good place to start, but there are some serious concerns on buildings of a certain age. Look here for more info on the dangers of asbestos and how to eradicate it from your office, for example.

Have a fire safety plan

Just about anywhere, fire poses a risk. Even in the most mundane of the work sites, the office, lax fire safety can lead to fatalities. You need to prevent and prepare. Prevention is doing regular checks on things like leads and sockets to lower the chance of electric fires. As well as educating employees on how to handle fire risks. Preparation is setting up action in the event of a fire. This includes an escape plan as well as procuring things like fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

Securing the workplace

Not every danger to the premises is accidental, however. Crime is a serious threat to businesses. They are a high-risk target due to the assumption of valuable resources and equipment on the property. So you need to secure them. This could mean reinforcing all entryways. It could mean CCTV. Those who truly wish to protect their premises will consider digital security systems.

Teaching employee safety

It’s not just the physical business but the employees who are at risk of crime. Workplace violence should be a serious concern, particularly for any business that operates at night. Make sure that all exits for the employees and car parks are well lit. Teach them to travel in groups when possible. As well as to avoid limiting their awareness when outside, whether it’s through using the phone or putting in earphones.

Mental health matters

Naturally, the physical side of health isn’t the only one. An employer has a right to work to alleviate mental health problems as well. One of the best ways of doing that is taking steps to address the stigma. Ensure your employees know that the workplace is a safe place when it comes to talking about mental health and the real effects it can have.

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