What Are The Key Ingredients Of A Winning Construction Site?

Written by Chloe Harwood

Construction sites are arguably the most complex premises for any business activity. Not only individual sites unique for a whole host of reasons, but they’re also very difficult to manage for bosses playing a backseat role. With the right plan of action, though, you can keep those projects on the right track.

There are several key elements to consider. Whether you’re in charge of one site or dozens doesn’t matter. Gaining a sense of control by mastering those aspects will serve you well. Here’s everything you need to know.     

Winning employees

Construction sites are hectic places, and every individual on-site needs to pull their weight. Irrespective of how big or small the project may be, finding the best workers is vital.

In truth, it’s unlikely that this is a one-off project and construction sites are likely to play a key role in your business model. Therefore, recruiting workers with the right personalities as well as the necessary skills is key. Still, resources like the Construction Job can help you find the very best employees for individual projects. Alternatively, this can be a useful tool when plugging temporary gaps.

Building a strong team will enhance any business arena, and the construction sites are no different. Make sure this is top of the agenda.

A great project manager

It is possible that you’ll be the project manager. In most cases, though, even those duties will be passed onto someone else as you focus on other aspects of the business.   

There are many traits to look for in a project manager, including experience as well as genuine talent. Most importantly, they need to solve problems in a logical manner and take the initiative when needed. This person will also require the skills to maintain a positive team atmosphere. Keeping the team and the project on the right track is essential.

With the right leadership, you won’t go far wrong. And that’s regardless of whether you play an active role yourself.  

The right tools for the job at hand

They say a bad workman blames his tools. But if your site lacks the fundamental resources needed to thrive, even the best employees will be unable to produce the goods. This can’t be good news for anyone.

Different buildings require varying materials. Meanwhile, many other features will change from project to project. After all, a residential construction will have contrasting needs to a commercial one. Experts at Falcon Industries can provide the raw materials and helicoids needed for paving, piling, and other jobs. When your core products are built with longevity, speed and accuracy in mind, you can’t go far wrong.

On a similar note, all wires and cables must satisfy those needs too. The last thing you want is to return to a project in six months time due to preventable errors of this ilk.

Extending the work hours

Most construction sites are either outside or at least partially outside. As such, you can be somewhat at the mercy of Mother Nature. This needn’t be a major issue, though. You simply need to take the right precautions.

Having plastic sheets and other protective materials will naturally play an important role. In reality, difficult lighting is the main problem. Extreme Tactical Dynamics sell a number of lighting solutions. When utilized well, they can transform those working environments during the evenings. By extending the hours, you can get projects completed far sooner. In turn, this’ll allow you to move onto the next one far sooner.

Of course, it helps to ensure all employees have the waterproof materials to work in light rain and other testing conditions. Otherwise, productive levels will see a significant drop.  

Great time management

The truth of the matter is that very few projects will run perfectly on schedule. The occasional mishap is likely to occur, largely due to unforeseen circumstances. But that shouldn’t stop you from maintaining control at all times. Time management is a crucial factor.

It’s not simply a case of having an expected completion date. Having weekly schedules and objectives to drive the project forward is key. Putting contingencies in place for when mistakes do occur will stop the disruptions from causing major problems. Most importantly, you need to ensure that time isn’t wasted.   

Without time efficiency on your side, the whole project will suffer, not least on a financial front. Combine those winning plans with regular monitoring and analysis. You will not regret it.

Good safety

Safety comes first in all working environments. However, there is no denying that construction sites contain more potential dangers than most. Sadly, failure to prepare for those can lead to major problems. This can include reduced productivity and potential personal injury claims.

Conducting risk assessment surveys is a key responsibility. This should be done ahead of starting any work. Meanwhile, safety clothing and accessories should be provided to all workers. Aside from the physical benefits, that gesture of care can give them an extra incentive to work harder. On a separate note, once the work has started, taking the right security measures is key. CCTV and barbed wire fences are just two potential outcomes.

Above all else, it rids you of any guilt or fears. From a personal perspective as well as a business one, the impacts of achieving this will be hugely positive.  

Communication with other parts of the business

The bulk of your concerns will naturally relate to matters on the construction site itself. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t forget that this is only one aspect of the operation. Success here is futile if it doesn’t link up with other aspects.

Even if the construction site has a temporary office, you must not rely on those features. Smartphone technology makes it very easy to stay in touch with the office and other key people within the company. Slack and similar team messaging Apps can be your savior. After all, anything from client needs to project restrictions could change at any moment.

When those links support a successful on-site operation, the best results will follow.   

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